Top 10 players with the most trophies in football history

There are 10 players who have stood out, for so many years, in the history of this sport because of the amount of trophies they won. In each of their conquests they had a fundamental role. They are recognized in history because of their soccer abilities that allowed them to win so many trophies and became the football players with most trophies.

These players are remembered worldwide by fans. They have broken a lot of records due to the championships they have won. Thanks to this, they became football players with most trophies in this sport.

The players that conform to this ranking are world renowned. The amount of trophies they have won is not a coincidence. They are a contribution to their great deliver to the teams were they played.

These are the 10 football players with most trophies in football history:


10.Kenny Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish
Kenny in one of his best football moments


This footballer is recognized worldwide for his excellent skills. He was considered one of the best European football players in history. Many compared him to Cruyff, Kempes and Müller for his great game as a striker.

In his football playing career he made an excellent sports career that led him to be very dear in England. This Greek soccer player, played for many years in Celtic until he went to Liverpool. When he ended his career as a footballer he began his career as a football manager.

In both teams where he played, he won the affection of fans. His skills at the time of finishing the goal led him to be recognized worldwide. This allowed him to win a lot of championships that made him one of the football players with most trophies in the world.

During his career he won 29 trophies. His awards were 5 Scottish Premier League, 4 Scottish Cups, 1 Scottish League Cup and the best scorer award in the Scottish League. During his time in Liverpool, he won 3 UEFA Champions League, 1 European Super Cup, 8 EPL, 2 FA Cup, 4 cups of the England League, 7 Community Shield and 2 prizes for best Premier League player.


  1. Vitor Baia

Vitor Baia
Baia playing for Barcelona


Surprisingly, the ninth place in this ranking is taken by a goalkeeper. This Portuguese goalkeeper got into the football players with most trophies in the world. No one can argue that he hadn’t a fundamental role in obtaining each championship.

In his entire football career he had great success within his home country. He won the love of all FC Porto fans with his abilities to catch the ball. This allowed Porto to get many trophies and championships.

When he left the Portuguese team in 1996 he joined FC Barcelona for 3 years. In this time in the culé team, he proved that he is a first-class goalkeeper leading Barca to victory on multiple occasions.

As one of the best goalkeepers in the world, Baia won a lot of championships. Throughout his football career he has won 30 trophies. In FC Porto he became a legend of the team by obtaining 10 leagues, 6 cups of Portugal, 8 supercups and 1 UEFA Champions League.

In Spain, he was also very successful. At the head of Barcelona, he got 1 league, 2 Copa del Rey and 1 Spanish Super Cup. Although his success was good for being 3 years there, his career was affected due to an injury suffered in one season.

Despite this, the great skills to protect the goal led him to be highly remembered by fans of this sport.


  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan in LA Galaxy


What kind of fan doesn’t recognize Ibrahimovic? This excellent Swedish striker won the hearts of many fans with his attitudes. His charisma and pride in speaking to the press led him to be loved by many fans.

In addition, Zlatan is world-renowned for having a great shot at the goal. Each time this striker finished off, the play became an almost assured goal. This led him to form an extensive trajectory that is still in force.

During many years of a football career, he had the luxury of playing in several teams. Starting with Malmo and going through Ajax, Juventus, Internazionale, Barcelona, ​​AC Milan, PSG, Manchester United and, now, Los Angeles Galaxy.

In his next career, in force, he has won 31 trophies. A place above Victor Baia this forward full of joy to fans of each team in which he played.

When he played for Ajax, he won 2 leagues, 1 cup from the Netherlands and 1 Super Cup. In Internazionale 3 leagues of Italy and 2 Super Cups. During his time in Barcelona, he won 1 league, 2 Super Cups and 1 World Cup. In AC Milan only won 1 league and 1 Italian Super Cup to move on to its most winning stage.

His best moment was at Paris Saint Germain where he won 4 leagues, 2 cups from France, 3 Super Cups and 3 cups from the league. His last conquests were in Manchester United where he won 1 super cup and 1 league cup.


  1. Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique
Pique in Barcelona


Another of the best players who is still active is the Spanish Defender Pique. With a brief step through Manchester United and a long football career developed in Barcelona, ​​this player won the love of the Catalans.

With a long career always faithful to Barca this defense stands out many years ago among the best defenders in the world. His firmness when defending allowed him to be a fundamental part in one of the best Spanish teams.

This led him to gain ownership, as well as a lot of championships. In Barca, he won 8 leagues, 6 cups of the king, 6 supercups, 3 UEFA Champions League and 3 clubs worldwide. His time at Manchester United left him 1 league, 1 supercup and 1 UEFA Champions League.

All these championships are part of their 32 trophies. This is because Pique won with his national team 1 Eurocup and 1 World Cup in 2010. He is still active and is still a candidate to climb positions in this ranking for his excellent present.


  1. Maxwell

Maxwell in the last moments of his career


This remembered Brazilian defense keeps the sixth place in this ranking. With his 33 trophies and his finished career he gets into the top 10 of football players with most trophies. Many remain remembered as one of the best dense in the world.

His sports career was more than successful. Always playing for big teams on Europe, this Brazilian player made the difference in every game. During his career he had the pleasure of playing in Cruzeiro, Ajax, Internazionale, Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain.

He has obtained many trophies in each team in which he played. In Cruzeiro, he won the Brazilian Cup. Then he continued his career in Ajax were he made the leap in his career by winning 2 leagues, 1 cup of the Netherlands and 1 supercup. After that, he went to Inter Milan were he won 3 leagues and 2 supercups. During his time in Barcelona he managed to get 2 leagues, 1 king’s cup, 3 Super Cups and 1 UEFA Champions League.

His best football moment was in PSG, like Ibrahimovic, where he won 4 leagues, 6 cups, 4 supercup and 4 cups of the league giving a perfect close to his great football career.


  1. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi
Messi during his best moment in Barca


Another excellent player who is constantly breaking records is the Argentine forward. Messi is the most recognized player around the world thanks to his talent. He produces a multitude of joys with its magic when it comes to playing for FC Barcelona.

All fans of Barcelona, ​​and other teams, recognize the Argentine as the best player in the world. Messi’s skills gave FC Barcelona so much joy that it became impossible to think of this team without the name of the Argentine striker.

In his extensive career with this team, and only one team, he won 34 trophies that put him in fifth place in football players with most trophies. These awards continue to expand season after season. Messi won 10 leagues in Spain, 6 cups of the king, 8 supercups, 4 UEFA Champions League and 3 club World Cups in Barcelona.

With his national team he managed to win the World Cup U20 and the Olympic gold medal in the Argentina National Team U23. In addition, Messi is recognized for his 5 ballon d‘or and his 6 gold boots.


  1. Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs
Giggs the legend of Manchester United


A recognized midfielder who needs no introduction is Giggs. All English football knows him for his excellent skills as a midfielder. This retired footballer is a candidate to lose his fourth place against Messi.

With a long history in Manchester United, this player shares the same amount of trophies as Messi. His popularity and good game led him to be recognized throughout England. Within Manchester United he has become a legend and many players dream of being like him.

This is due to its 34 trophies that put it very close to the podium of this ranking. Ryan has won 13 leagues, 4 FA Cups, 10 Super Cups, 4 League Cups and 2 UEFA Champions League. He is part of the best Manchester star player in history and won the love and respect of fans around the world.


  1. Andrés Iniesta

Andrés Iniesta
Iniesta playing for Barca


The best midfielder in the world for many, is the third player in football players with most trophies in football history. There is no other midfielder in the world who gives football the same magic that Iniesta produced.

His tactics for game led him to be a fundamental piece of FC Barcelona. His humble and cheerful character gave him a quick connection with fans who, surely, shed a tear at the time of his sports retirement.

With a career at FC Barcelona and Vissel Kobe, Iniesta earned a place in the hearts of fans. His good game led him to win 35 championships becoming the third player with the most trophies in history.

In Barcelona, he won 9 leagues, 6 cups of the king, 7 supercups, 4 UEFA Champions League, 3 European super cups and 3 clubs worldwide. With his national team, he won 2 Eurocopa and 1 World cup in which he scored an important goal in the final game.


  1. Oleksandr Shovkovskiy

Oleksandr Shovkovskiy
One of the best goalkeepers in the world


The second place in this ranking is taken by another goalkeeper. Many do not know him, but this Ukrainian goalkeeper is the second football player with most trophies in football history.

With extensive experience in the Ukrainian league, this goalkeeper earned the respect of fans. His big number of championships are all in Ukraine where his team has been an undisputed leader for many years.

In Dynamo Kiev he won his 36 championships that led him to appear in this ranking. With 14 Ukrainian leagues, 8 cups and 1 supercup he gets in second place. Only the UEFA Champions League is pending to complete his successful sports career.


  1. Daniel Alves

Daniel Alves
Dani Alves playing with his National time


Dani Alves gets into the first place of the football players with most trophies. His 39 trophies obtained so far led him to be a legend of this sport. One of the best defenders in the world with an excellent football career has more than deserved the first place.

This Brazilian defender formed an excellent career in Bahia, Sevilla, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Paris Saint Germain and Sao Paulo. In the final stage of his career, he shared us a lot of championships won in each team in which he played.

During his time in Seville he won 1 King’s Cup, 1 Super Cup and 1 European Super Cup. In Barcelona, he had his best football moment by obtaining 6 leagues, 4 cups of the king, 4 supercups, 3 UEFA Champions League, 3 European super cups and 3 clubs worldwide.

After his excellent years in Barca, he moved to Italy to play in Juventus. There he won 1 league and 1 cup of Italy. In his time at PSG he managed to win 2 leagues, 1 cup, 2 super cups and 1 league cup. His success in the national team was also very important since there he won 2 American Cups, 2 FIFA Confederations Cup and 1 World Cup under 20.

All these players are in the memory of fans. His large number of championships obtained was the result of his great football skills implemented in each team they played.

Every year this ranking is changing as new players continue winning championships. However, these are the 10 football players with most trophies at this moment.


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