Travis Kelce reveals bizarre spit-wipe story on Patrick Mahomes’ jersey during Chiefs vs Jaguars divisional match

The Chiefs will play the Bengals on Sunday to determine the champions of the AFC. There has been a lot of trash-talk lately from the Bengals camp, yet nothing compares to the weird action done by Travis Kelce in the divisional match against the Jaguars. 

In the divisional match, the Chiefs emerged victorious thanks to efforts from the quarterback Mahomes and Tight end Travis. Kelce, in the first quarter of the game, scored a touchdown; however, just before scoring the opening touchdown, the tight end did the most bizarre thing to Patrick that left fans in shock. 

As the commentators introduced Travis, he was spitting and licking his hand. Later, when the commentators discussed the syncing of “body language” between Patrick and the tight end, Travis Kelce wiped his spittle on Mahomes’ jersey. Talk about “body language” being at its best! The tight end thought no one would notice, but unfortunately, he was caught on camera. 

Travis later sat with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, on Wednesday in the New Heights podcast, where he recalled the memory and explained why he had done so. 

What did Travis Kelce say in the podcast?

In the podcast, Jason spoke on behalf of the fans asks Travis why he had whipped his hand on Patricks’ back and “what was that about?” Responding to the question, the tight end first laughed before stating,

“That’s crazy that they caught me. I didn’t even realize I did it. I’ll find anybody’s dry jersey or towel and just make sure my gloves are clean.”

Mimicking the lick, Travis later added, “I was like spitting on my hands and licking my hands, trying to get that thing back real grippy. We were in the red zone, so I couldn’t risk dropping a ball, and so I had to just ….”

The tight end scored a touchdown just after his weird act, so Patrick would not mind a bit of spit on his back. Rather, he would like a bit more of it if it helps Kelce to score and bring victory against the “trash-talking” Bengals.


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