Warriors’ Stephen Curry fined $25K after ejection throwing mouthpiece into stands vs Grizzlies

The Golden State Warriors’ star point guard, Stephen Curry, has been ejected from the game against the Memphis Grizzlies on January 25. But that’s just half the story, as his punishment goes further.

The Warriors get back on their winning streak after yesterday’s game against the Toronto Raptors. However, the victory over the Grizzlies set the stones rolling. They won the game 122-120 in a nail-biting, decisive fourth-quarter clutch, thanks to Stephen’s another 30-point haul.

However, the four-time NBA champion was also the culprit for putting his team in an unpleasing situation after getting ejected in the dying moments of the last quarter. The Warriors were 6 points down at the start of the fourth quarter when Curry lost his cool and was ejected from the game for throwing his mouthpiece to the sideline.

What are the consequences for Stephen Curry after he got ejected?

Stephen’s unsportsmanlike behavior drew the attention of the NBA’s regulatory board. Yesterday, Joe Dumars, Executive Vice President, released a statement: “Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry has been fined $25,000 for throwing his mouthpiece into the spectator stands.”

It shouldn’t come as a shock, as his action was in no way acceptable or excusable. The nine-time NBA all-star ejection was a typical rule in the book, explained by referee Sean Wright.

However, there was no ill intent in his action; if we rewind his play, the 34-year-old was furious after his teammate Jordan Poole’s clueless performance. Prior to his ejection, Curry scored 34 points with two rebounds and three assists.

The interesting fact is that all three times he was ejected in his NBA career, he vented on his mouthpiece, throwing on the ground. The poor mouthpiece might bounce on the floor and could hurt anyone mildly, but eventually, it caused Curry’s ejection and a fine.


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