Travis Kelce’s mom makes heartwarming gesture at “Era’s Tour” movie premiere after Taylor Swift’s special shoutout to Chiefs star

While the NFL world has known Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce since 2013, their mom, Donna Kelce, came to fame last year when she talked about her sons battling out each other in the Super Bowl game. Then, in the game, she was spotted wearing a double jersey, supporting both of her sons.

Since then, she has become famous and fans often recognize her in public. Recently, Swiftie spotted Mama Kelce at the Eras Tour movie premiere of the famous girlfriend of her son and shared the whole story of this intriguing interaction on her TikTok account. 

Travis’ mom spotted at Taylor Swift’s movie premiere

Taylor Swift and Travis’ relationship is becoming more serious every day. While Travis has made Taylor’s dad, Scott Swift a Chiefs fan, his mother has also become a Swiftie.

Donna, 71, was seen in a Florida cinema during Swift’s concert in Argentina. A fan, Dannielle Sparks, shared on social media how she met Donna and took notice of her striking resemblance to Travis Kelce’s mother. 

She shared that when Donna entered the cinema she was shocked at how much she looked like Travis Kelce’s mother and she also wondered how big of a Taylor’s fan this woman is to arrive in the cinema this early.

‘I was like, “Wow, I never seen someone be such a close doppelganger to Travis Kelce’s mother” – you see where this is going,’ Sparks said.

She kept singing and dancing during the movie premiere without realizing it was the TE’s mother. Later, she got a chance to interact with Donna and her friend. 

She shared that then she asked Donna’s friend, ‘Has anyone ever told her she looks just like Travis Kelce’s mother?’

Donna confirmed her identity, describing herself as just a mom, ‘Oh yeah, I am, but I’m just a mom.’

Sparks then took a picture with her and described that it was the best moment of her life. She shared that she also snapped a picture of Donna and her friend posing next to a promotional cutout of Taylor Swift. 

Travis Kelce
Via Entertainment Tonight

The fan was overjoyed after this interaction stating, ‘It was freaking Travis Kelce’s mother, in a random little theater here in Florida, on a random Sunday night, on a random show time. It was Travis Kelce’s mother, in the theater with us the whole time and no one even knew.’

It was such a heartwarming moment and we are thankful to Sparks for sharing this story publicly. Now, we know that this pulling into a new fandom is not one-sided. Not only Travis’ teammates and friends are becoming Taylor Swift’s friends but now his mother is also a Swiftie.

Taylor changes “karma” lyrics for Travis Kelce

A few days back Travis Kelce hinted at visiting Argentina to support his pop girlfriend and he fulfilled his promise. The TE was spotted in a VIP tent at Taylor Swift’s Saturday show in Buenos Aires. 

Travis Kelce
Via People

Travis was seen singing and dancing to Swift’s songs. During Swift’s performance of “Karma,” she changed the lyrics to reference Kelce, leading to an excited reaction from both the TE and Swift’s dad.

Instead of singing “Karma is the guy on the screen” she sang, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.”

Travis held his head with both hands and was shocked at this sudden shoutout. Swift’s dad who was standing beside the TE wearing a Chiefs lanyard also cheered him. 

Kelce’s joyful reaction was captured on cameras with many fans loving this sweet interaction. During the concert, Swift acknowledged the TE multiple times blowing him a kiss and later sharing a kiss with him backstage to which Pat McAfee also shared his reaction

Travis Kelce has returned from Argentina and is now preparing for his upcoming game against the Eagles on Sunday. On the other hand, Taylor has more shows in Argentina and then in Japan. The royal couple of America is now going to get busy for the next few days.

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