UFC champion Aljamain Sterling expresses gratitude to Paulo Costa “for the secret Juice” after exhibiting shocking muscle growth in a viral video

Current bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling has thanked middleweight contender Paulo Costa for his “secret juice,” which he credits for his impressive physique ahead of his upcoming title defense against Henry Cejudo at UFC 288.

Sterling took to Twitter to share a video of himself showcasing his muscular build, bending over and crediting Costa for the drink that has helped him reach his peak physical form.

The middleweight fighter has been promoting his “secret juice” on social media, with Costa himself stating that he prefers a four-ingredient recipe that includes ginger and avoids harmful additives.

Aljamain Sterling

UFC Champion Aljamain Sterling and his “Secret Juice” Raises Eyebrows and Former Champ Weighs In on Upcoming Title Fight

While Costa has yet to respond to Sterling’s tweet, former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver weighed in on the upcoming title fight, suggesting that Sterling may not truly feel like a champion in the match-up against Cejudo, the former champion who never lost his title before retiring.

The MMA world excitedly anticipates the result of what is expected to be an exciting and highly anticipated match-up as both Sterling and Cejudo are hungry to make history in their forthcoming fight.

As for Costa’s “secret juice,” it’s unclear what exactly the concoction is made of, but it seems to have caught Sterling’s attention and possibly played a role in his recent muscle growth. Whatever it may be, Sterling is obviously feeling confident and prepared to defend his bantamweight championship against Cejudo.

The Cost of Success: Paulo Costa’s ‘Secret Juice’ Sparks a Debate on Performance Enhancement in UFC

Regardless of the outcome, the buildup to the fight has been filled with intrigue and speculation, with Sterling’s recent comments about Costa’s secret juice only adding to the drama. To put it in perspective, Aljamain Sterling’s gratitude towards Paulo Costa’s “secret juice” has sparked a conversation among fans and fellow fighters alike.

With his rather outstanding muscle development and forthcoming bantamweight title defense against Henry Cejudo at UFC 288. Sterling has been seemingly working quite hard to keep up his position as one of the best fighters in the UFC.

Although Sterling might feel under a bit of pressure to show that he is the real champ of the champ, we will have to wait to see how he will fare in the dreaded octagon. Regardless of the outcome, the hype surrounding Costa’s “secret juice” and its potential benefits for athletes in the UFC could continue to capture the attention of fans and fighters alike.

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