UFC champion viciously criticize Logan Paul and KSI’s $250,000,000 ‘Prime’ endeavor with “This s*** a**” remark

In the previous year, Logan Paul’s energy drink Prime became a worldwide sensation. A UFC champion recently tasted the beverage for the first time but ended up harshly condemning it.

Together with Israel Adesanya, Alexander Volkanovski is currently in the United States of America to prepare for the upcoming battle. The UFC featherweight champion met Logan Paul and participated in a training session with the YouTuber-turned-wrestler. 

A terrific opportunity to practice with the current UFC middleweight and featherweight champions wasn’t missed by the internet phenomenon either. They received instruction from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu expert Craig Jones, Volk’s trainer.

What was UFC champion’s thoughts on Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME hydration?

The UFC champions were spotted posing for photos with Logan’s Prime Energy Drink after the workout. Paul did not miss the chance to promote his hydration drink with the help of the MMA superstars. 

However, it is not clear whether this happened at the same time during the training or not, but Volkanovski didn’t share quite a positive review of Logan’s energy drink. 

In a recent tweet, the Australian MMA fighter shared a picture of him holding a bottle of Prime. Volk expressed his opinion regarding the taste of it by writing, “This shit ass.” 

In the post, ‘The Great’ also said he bought it at $2.99 and expressed his wonder at the sweet level by writing, “Yeah the taste isn’t that bad I just don’t understand why they made it so damn sweet.” 

How Much money Logan Paul, KSI’s PRIME made so far?

Recently, the production of the Hydration drinks Prime, which was a tremendous success for Logan Paul and KSI in the UK, launched in Australia. 

Logan’s calculations indicate that Prime made $250 million in retail sales last year and $45 million in sales in January of this year. 

Earlier this year, Logan signed another incredible deal with Dana White. Prime is now the official beverage partner of the MMA organization. 

What is your take on Prime? Share your thoughts with us if you ever tried the energy drink. 

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