Jake Paul shares hard-hitting facts on disputes between fighters and promoters: ‘‘Make the customer happy’’

Jake Paul, a boxer who rose to fame on YouTube, has been vocal in expressing his opinions about MMA promoters, specifically Dana White, the president of the UFC. Dubbed as ‘The Problem Child,’ Paul has frequently criticized White for how he handles his fighters, particularly in terms of their compensation.

However, today, Paul has once again expressed his dissatisfaction, though this time, White may not be the subject of his recent Twitter tirade.

“I don’t like seeing fighters and promoters arguing online. These are the problems with the sport that WE all need to help fix. Moreover, it’s become all too common for this to happen but at the end of the day the fighter is the customer and the promoter is the one hired to help not tear down the customer. Not to mention the customer is risking his life in there. Always make the customer happy.”

Is there an incident that sparked arguments between boxers and promoters?

It appears that Paul’s frustration was likely directed towards lightweight boxer Ryan Garcia and his promoter, the legendary former fighter Oscar De La Hoya. These two individuals have been engaged in a heated argument on social media in the past few days.

“KingRy” initially claimed that his team failed to support him after his recent defeat against Gervonta Davis. He also dismissed De La Hoya’s suggestions of a potential fight with Manny Pacquiao. Since then, the two men have exchanged insults on Twitter, engaging in a back-and-forth exchange. Clearly, Jake Paul hasn’t taken kindly to this.

When is Jake Paul’s next fight?

Jake Paul’s verbal feud with UFC superstar Conor McGregor has been ongoing for years. But it resurfaced recently when McGregor referred to “The Problem Child” as a donkey during an interview with Ariel Helwani.

In response, Paul fired back during an appearance on his brother Logan’s IMPAULSIVE podcast, making the following statement about the Irish superstar.

“Guess what, Conor? I’ll beat the f*cking f*ck out of you, and you can’t box as good as me, and I’m gonna do to Nate (Diaz) what you couldn’t, which is knock him the f*ck out. But that money fight will always be there. And when I knock Nate Diaz the f*ck out, and you realise I’m the biggest fight for you, call me, and I’ll answer.”

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