“Total Fail”: Fans Condemn WWE for Being ‘Lazy’ with New Undisputed WWE Universal Championship design following brand new title introduction by HHH

The enticing world of WWE has recently witnessed the introduction of a brand new title, the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, courtesy of none other than HHH (Triple H).

However, instead of receiving unanimous praise, the new championship design has faced sharp criticism from passionate fans who accuse WWE of laziness and lacking creativity.

New Undisputed WWE Universal Championship belt unveiled



HHH presents new gold to Roman Reigns on SmackDown

During a thrilling episode of WWE SmackDown, Roman Reigns, the indomitable champion, celebrated an incredible milestone of 1000 days as the reigning champion. This momentous occasion was marked by WWE Chief Content Officer, Triple H, who likened Reigns to legendary figures such as Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan, emphasizing that witnessing Reigns’ greatness live is a privilege for fans.

Triple H then introduced the man himself, “The Tribal Chief,” inviting fans to join in welcoming the champion who has etched his name in the annals of WWE history.

Roman Reigns Celebrates 1000 Days as Champion

The anticipation surrounding WWE Friday Night SmackDown has reached a fever pitch as Roman Reigns celebrates an extraordinary achievement: 1000 days as the reigning champion. This remarkable feat positions Reigns as a dominant force within the wrestling world and hints at even greater accomplishments in the future.

This achievement has sent shockwaves throughout the WWE universe, leaving fans in awe and eager to witness what the future holds for this indomitable force. Yet it was nowhere near easy for “The Tribal Chief, “to achieve such a feat, and had to defeat the likes of Drew McIntyre, Sami Zayn, Logan Paul along with Cody Rhodes in recent times. 

Fans aren’t thrilled by the new title design

While the wrestling community revels in the excitement of Roman Reigns’ monumental reign, some fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the new Undisputed WWE Universal Championship design. The fan responses reflect the diverse and passionate nature of wrestling fandom. 

One fan, “MFH,” questions the merging of title histories and expresses confusion about the “undisputed” nature of the championship, considering the recent introduction of a new belt.

Meanwhile, “Mike DeSantis” critiques the idea of a wrestler holding multiple championships simultaneously, suggesting that three belts is excessive.

On the other hand, “CJ Anderson SzN” reminisces about a bygone era when WWE displayed greater creativity in their belt designs, finding the new championship to be a mere variation of its predecessor with added black and gold elements.

Within this realm of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, where reality blends with fiction like the seamless teamwork of tag team partners, fans contribute their unique blend of skepticism, criticism, and nostalgia thrashing the WWE for their lack of creativity.

What is your take on the new title belt, “Undisputed WWE Universal Championship”? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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