UFC fans slam Conor McGregor’s show off “You know who’s never pulled out of a fight?” following Charles Oliveira’s official withdrawal bout vs Beneil Dariush

The recent withdrawal of Charles Oliveira from his bout with Beneil Dariush due to injuries has reduced the allure of UFC 288. Fans are already lambasting Conor McGregor for making fun of Oliveira in a statement for withdrawing.

Official reports state that Charles can no longer take on Dariush due to an unanticipated injury that occurred just three weeks before UFC 288. The Brazilian fighter was determined to rebound against Dariush at UFC 288 after suffering a defeat to Islam Makhachev.

The 33-year-old fighter’s injury details, however, have not yet been made public. But, The Notorious added insult to injury by saying, “You know who’s never pulled out of a fight?”

How was McGregor criticized by fans for making fun of Oliveira for withdrawing from the fight against Beneil Dariush?

Jeremy Gregory made fun of Conor, saying that since The Notorious had chosen his fight in advance, he had no possibility of backing out. “He doesn’t need to pull out of any fight because he CAREFULLY picks his fights in advance.”

“Also didnt pull a win since obama was president.” another user mocked Conor.

“He didn’t pull out, then look what happened to his leg. All this tough guy shit, but not smart enough to know when to pull out especially if there’s a bad injury involved. Then all we hear in the end are excuses.” a user commented. 

A different commenter brought up Conor’s failure to effectively defend his lightweight title against Khabib Nurmagomedov by stating, “Charles Oliveira successfully defended his belt twice. You know who’s never defended a UFC belt?”

The Irish superstar’s two-year hiatus from the cage was also brought up, with the comment “If you never fight you don’t need to pull out.”

“Didn’t he go into his last fight with a bad leg? Sometimes it’s wise to listen to your own body.” another user commented. 

“Well…you know who USADA would pull out of a fight if he got himself tested tomorrow,” Raj S Kumar said in reference to the fact that Conor has yet to enter the USADA testing pool months before a fight.

Manaf Shah, on the other hand, has drawn out an enchanting albeit unachievable plan for the Irishman to return to the top, saying, “This is Connor’s chance at fighting for the title,, fill the space, fight Dariush, beat him, and we get McGregor vs Makhachev.”

“Ya never pulled out of a fight coz he doesn’t fight anymore.” said Pulakesh Das.

On Twitter, Darren made fun of Conor’s aggressive nature and stated, “He should have a keyboard over his shoulder. That’s all he has a chance of winning.”

“Conor was the only UFC fighter that pulled his foot from its socket in front of national tv.” another user commented.

What are your thoughts on the entire scenario, which saw Charles Oliveira withdrawing in opposition to Beneil Dariush and Conor McGregor making critical remarks? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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