UFC fans upset over Dana White’s Jorge Masvidal and Kevin Holland altercation at UFC 287 hotel question shutdown

Jorge Masvidal and Kevin Holland exchanged heated words during a UFC 287 press conference, following an altercation at a hotel earlier this week. The two welterweights are set to fight different opponents on Saturday night in Miami, but tensions rose when they bumped into each other backstage at the fight-week media day.

When asked about the incident, Masvidal dismissed it as irrelevant, prompting UFC president Dana White to redirect the discussion towards their upcoming fights. White refused to answer questions about the UFC’s recent link-up with WWE. He was irritated by the reporters’ seemingly antagonistic line of questioning.

Dana White tried to evade Masvidal-Holland dispute

Masvidal took a shot at Holland, calling him a “d***-riding, clout-chasing b****.” In response, Holland called Masvidal “baby girl” and told him to “watch your f***ing mouth.”

Dana White
Jorge Masvidal engaged in an altercation in the lobby with Kevin Holland

White became agitated by the exchange and asked the reporter if he had any questions about the fighters’ upcoming opponents, Santiago Ponzinibbio and Gilbert Burns. He also called out the reporters for “starting s*** in here.”



The incident between Masvidal and Holland began when they bumped into each other backstage during the media day. They began yelling at each other across the lobby, with Holland eager to confront Masvidal in person.

While tensions are high between the two fighters, they will be focusing on their respective fights at UFC 287. Masvidal will not be facing Holland, but instead will be taking on Santiago Ponzinibbio, while Holland will be fighting Gilbert Burns.

Fans did not like what White tried to do

The tension between Masvidal and Holland has spilled over into the media, with both fighters exchanging verbal jabs at each other during a UFC 287 press conference. Despite the incident, they will be focusing on their respective fights at the event. Meanwhile, UFC president did not like what he heard from the reporters. He tried to appear as the mediator as he did not want any further fuss. Fans did not take it lightly though. They were incensed with White’s reactions. Some was even baffled. Many felt White tarnished the fun of ther press conference. Here are some fan reactions:



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