UFC legend Nate Diaz claims Jake Paul is “easy to take down, easy to choke” ahead of potential MMA bout with $10M paycheck at stake

UFC Megastar, Nate Diaz’s professional boxing debut didn’t go as exactly planned. This all started when Nate exited from the UFC and Paul lost to Fury. Rumours started floating around for a potential match and it finally happened. The fight took place in Dallas in front of a crowd that was overwhelmingly in favour of Diaz, and he lost by a decisive 10-round decision to Jake Paul recently on 5 August. 

Nate Diaz exposes Jakes Paul’s fatal flaw

Nate Diaz seems to have already started filtering out Jake’s fatal flaws and have shared some with the media. During the fight Nate put Jake in a Guillotine lock and seemed to have it tight. In response to a question on Paul’s physical capabilities during the fight, Diaz said, “Taking him down and submitting him was pretty straightforward,” which was followed by a little smile. But you know, he held his own, he continued. He is an inherently powerful and athletically talented person. His blows are swift and powerful. However, I’m not entirely unfamiliar with it.

“Yup, that choke was remarkably effortless,” Diaz continued. Even carrying out the takedown was simple. I just took advantage of his strike to bring his full leg up into my chest. When I try to take down an opponent in MMA, they usually resist, applying head pressure and making it very difficult. I feel worn out and all that Nate added. In contrast, to this situation there didn’t seem much trouble for Nate to take down Jake.   

Despite their growing hostility, Diaz did express some admiration for Paul’s performance, particularly praising the knockout shot he delivered in the fifth round. I didn’t expect that punch, he said after the bout. I stood up and made an effort to gather myself. I was aware of what I was getting myself into when I agreed to a fight with a resolute, well built, driven opponent who was fired up to take over the world. In a circumstance like this, nothing shocks me, he added.

Update on Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul rumoured MMA bout

Diaz as well as Jake have shown a great amount of interest in switching up the sport into MMA. In a conversation with MMA Junkie earlier in the fight week, Paul reaffirmed his sincere desire to make the switch to MMA. He pledged his dedication to the project and mentioned how he had spent the previous months practising for MMA.

Paul gave off the impression that he was confident in his abilities to excel in the field of MMA. This is also to the advancement that he has been doing with the PFL. Paul genuinely intends to pursue MMA according to the sources. I’ve spent a lot of time getting ready for it. I am self-assured enough to compete at a high level he added. The rumoured match is set to make Nate Diaz $10 million richer and would be the second part of the Jake-Nate’s Saga. Yet things are to be confirmed yet, with both the parties talking behind the curtains. Though Nate has added he will only be willing to fight Jake if the right price is offered to him.  




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