UFC president Dana White plans to craft personalized UFC belts for Mexican champions, earns support from MMA community

Mexican fighters are delivering exceptional performances inside the UFC octagon these days. Dana White, highly impressed by the Mexican domination, has decided to formulate a plan to customize championship belts specifically for the Mexican champions.

At present, there are three Mexican champions in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Yair Rodriguez holds the interim featherweight title, Alexa Grasso is the reigning flyweight champion, and Brandon Moreno is the current men’s flyweight champion.

Dana White claims to make customized UFC belts for Mexican champions

Due to the exceptional performances of Mexican fighters in the UFC, White is contemplating a special plan dedicated to them. Acknowledging the current Mexican champions, Dana mentioned a skilled individual known for customizing belts and incorporating flags to enhance their appeal. 

“So there’s a guy down in Mexico, that does this [custom design] and wants to do [UFC] belts. I have three Mexican world champions right now.” Dana said. 

The UFC Chief is seriously considering the idea of personalizing the championship belts by incorporating the Mexican flag as a means to inspire and motivate Mexican fighters. 

“What [the artist wants] to do is, they want to customize the belts, take our belts and paint them. The Mexican flag and all. He has all these cool concepts for the belts. And I’m actually going to do it. So these fighters would have a one-of-one custom Mexican championship belt.” Dana added. 

MMA world reacts to Dana White’s special UFC belt for Mexican Champions

Following Dana White’s unofficial announcement about customized belts for Mexican champions, there have been mixed reactions from the MMA community. Some individuals have argued that rather than focusing solely on Mexico, Dana should extend this gesture to fighters from all countries. 

Chris Mooney appreciated by Dana by saying, ” Great idea dana and thanks for ignoring everyone’s requests for a silver interim belt.”

Jim Dana, however isn’t too impressed as he said, ” Dana only chases clout now. He used to be about putting on the best fights.” 

“Dana white understands that Mexicans are warriors and we have warrior blood, the wbc boxing association also makes costume belts for Canelo, we dominate boxing and ufc . Don’t hate the player hate the game suckas !!!” another user commented. 

Many believe that every nation deserves equal recognition. Additionally, there are those who have pointed out that such a gesture should have been considered earlier when there were numerous champions from Africa, expressing the need for broader inclusivity. 

“At this point, the UFC is becoming the WBC for them creating meaningless belts. I wonder if they are going to charge sanctioning fees for the fighters?” a user commented. 

Aian Chaharia also thinks that customized belts should be for every country as he said, “Customized belt for every country’s champion would really be awesome tbh. It’ll give the current champion a different value.” 

“They should do this for every country. That would be so cool!” another user said. 

“Had 3 African champions at the same time. Nothing. Not surprised tho.” commented a user.

What is your take on the customized belts for the Mexican champs? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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