UFC star Shavkat Rakhmonov urges Dana White to sign his sister Sora Rakhmonova following outstanding TKO win

Earlier this week at UFC51, Sora Rakhmonova won by an amazing TKO. Shavkat Rakhmonov, Sora’s brother, now requests that Dana White to sign his sister to a contract with the UFC. 

Valeria Karygina was severely knocked out in round two of the Naiza Fighter Championship 51 by Sora via elbow TKO. By means of some intriguing flights, the event that took place at Almaty Arena in Almaty, Kazakhstan, captured the eye of the entire MMA community. 

Sora Rakhmonova another Kazakh force to reckon with! 

Unquestionably, Shavkat is one of the best welterweight competitors in the UFC right now. After participating in 17 fights and winning each one, the Kazakh MMA fighter is still unbeaten. Now Nomad is hopeful that his sister will also make a debut in the top MMA promotion in the world. 

In 2021, Sora made her MMA debut for NFC. The 21-year-old fighter has competed in four fights so far, winning three of them and losing just one. Shavkat asked the UFC president to sign her and posted a video of her most recent knockout victory on Twitter. 

The ‘Nomad’ so far in the UFC

The MMA fighter from Kazakhstan has won each of his five matches in UFC over the past three years. Rakhmonov’s winning streak includes victories over Carlston Harris, Alex Oliveira, Michel Prazeres, Neil Magny, and most recently, Geoff Neal.

Shavkat had his debut fight for Dana White’s promotion in 2020 against Oliveira. That was just the beginning of an amazing journey for ‘Nomad.’ Current the Kazakh fighter is the number 6-ranked fighter of the welterweight division.

The 28-year-old fighter does not currently have a scheduled bout, but fans are eager to see him square off against Khamzat Chimaev, another undefeated welterweight fighter. However, Shavkat is not particularly eager to fight Borz anytime soon.

A new set of fighter siblings will be added to the roster if Dana takes into consideration Shavkat and promotes his sister. Currently, the most well-known sibling pairs in the UFC are the Usman brothers and the Shevchenko sisters. 


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