UFC suspension: Disgraced UFC coach James Krause reportedly worked for an offshore betting company

In 2022, the entire world of MMA was shook to it’s very core as UFC fighter turned coach James Krause was accused of fixing fights by the Nevada state athletic commission along with his fighter Darrick Minner after UFC Vegas 64. New reports suggest that the disgraced coach secretly worked as an agent for ABCBetting.ag.

Following the controversy Krause was promptly banned by Nevada. Next was New Jersey who blocked betting activity on any fighter who was trained by him. And in a move that came as a big blow, Alberta and the state of Ontario (Canada) banned all kinds of betting activity on all UFC fights. UFC also followed suit with harsh ramifications of their own.

At first UFC banned all fighters and inside knowledge holders associated with the company from betting on any of it’s fights. Any fighter who used to train under James Krause was also banned from fighting in the Octagon unless they enrolled under a new coach. Minner was released by the UFC while Brandon Moreno had to look for a new coach under short notice as his fight against Figueiredo was just around the corner.

What are the new accusations against James Krause?

Once Krause talked about his betting activities, “I make more gambling on MMA than I do anything else, I have some guys making in the 20s, but even at that, you get 10% of 20 grand. That’s $2,000. I’m on the road every weekend, Wednesday to Sunday.”

His claims of making such low amount of money yet he had a betting podcast where he talked about wagers. He also had a personal discord channel where people can get his custom picks in exchange of a fee. If the new information is true and James is indeed associated with an offshore betting company then a reasonable explanation can be found on how he manages to afford an Audi and a Porsche 911.

Betting is a terrible practice and we hope all the responsible authorities come forward to ban it entirely for the betterment of mankind!



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