UFC title contender Sean O’Malley caught on camera firing custom-made firearm AR-15 sends fans into frenzy

Sean O’Malley seems to have made a fairly unusual start to his training for his forthcoming title fight against Aljamain Sterling. Sean was seen firing an AR-15 that was specially built, which drove the fans crazy.

The bantamweight superstar has a fondness for the colors pink and green. In the video that was shared on social media, Sugar’s weapon had the same pink and green coloring as his hair. His fans and followers tend to pay close attention to the things he does, and this time was no different. 

How did MMA fans react to the Sean O’Malley AR-15 training video? 

One commenter named Gogo said, “That’s what he wants to do to Aljo.”

“What’s up with that stance and hand placement on the gun and near the magazine? Seems less stable but I am no mma guy.” another user commented. 

Todd was not impressed with the Bantamweight contender, “Tell me you’ve never fired a rifle, without telling me you’ve never fired a rifle.”

Another user thought Sean has played Call of Duty a lot to hold a gun like that as he said, “Lol that scope and holding the mag? Too much call of duty.”

Lou Ashby isn’t sure about which part of Sugar he liked the most as he said, “Between the optic, the grip, the trigger control. Idk what’s worse lol I’m digging the joker colors though.” 

“Started getting tossed back by the recoil so he had to compensate to try and be cool.” another user added.

Marsh straight up called the bantamweight fighter an amateur by saying, “Doesn’t even have a foregrip. And that magnification on an AR is unnecessary. Simple 2x red dot will do. Should also be wearing eye protection. Can always spot the amatuers.”


The next Bantamweight Title Bout: Sugar vs The Funk Master 

The Funk Master and Sugar Sean are scheduled to face off in Boston’s TD Garden on Saturday, August 19, 2023. in the main event of UFC 292. Sterling, the current champion, is expected to defend his title for a fourth time against the number 2 bantamweight fighter.

Do you believe Sean O’Malley will put an end to Aljamain Sterling’s reign as champion with such preparations? Post your opinion in the comments section and let us know. 

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