UFC Vegas 76: Which fighter earned $50k bonus prize each for FOTN and POTN?

Despite not featuring many big names, the UFC Vegas 76 fight card did not disappoint as it consisted of exciting matchups that went to the judges’ scorecard and were filled with brutal knockouts and submissions. Besides, there were a few upsets and comebacks that blew the mind of the viewers and it is needless to say, in every single fight fans seemed to enjoy the event.

Consequently, there were a few fighters who stole the show by delivering exceptional performances. And as a result, the promotion awarded them $50,000 bonuses to appreciate their effort.

Who won the Fight Of The Night Award at UFC Vegas 76?

The UFC didn’t face any difficulties in awarding the Fight of the Night honors as the prelims matchup between Guram Kutateledze and Elves Brenner was an obvious choice. This lightweight bout was a bloodbath filled with a ton of violence. But the biggest reason why this matchup was the Fight of Night at UFC Vegas 76 was due to Brenner’s remarkable comeback to win the bout via knockout in the third round of the fight.

Owing to this fact, the Georgian Viking overpowered Elves in the striking battle significantly in the first two rounds. It looked like Guram will go on to easily finish the fight as he hurt him badly in the first round. Moreover, he split Elves’ head open with an elbow in the next round.

Guram at UFC Vegas 76

However, Brener showed great heart to stay in the fight and bounced back in the third and put on more of a fight. He was the more aggressive of the two lightweights and piled on the damage. With two minutes left on the clock, Elves Brener dropped Guram with a nasty elbow to finish the fight.

Which fighters won the Performance of the Night honors at UFC Vegas 76?

Sean Strickland took a big risk by accepting a fight against Abus Magomedov who is unranked in the 185-pound division. However, the American middleweight who was confident in his skills delivered a violent display at UFC Vegas 76. After getting dominated in the first round, Strickland heavily outstriked Magomedov and knocked him out in the second round.

For this KO win, Sean Strickland won the Performance of the Night award and took home the $50,000 bonus. Speaking about this matchup, Abus started the bout very well as he used front kicks to the body to keep Strickland away from him. Thereafter he picked the perfect moments to close the distance and land combinations.


In the second round, Sean applied pressure and overwhelmed Magomedov with jabs and counterpunches. As the round progressed the Russian middleweight had no answer to Strickland’s striking and the latter had him badly hurt. To end the fight, the American middleweight dropped Abus with a straight left and landed a ton of ground and pound strikes.

Another fighter who won the performance of the night bonus was Nursilton Ruziboev. Making his debut in the UFC, Ruziboev impressed everyone as he sparked about Bruno Ferreira within two minutes of the first round. What’s more impressive about this win is the fact he handed the Brazilian his first UFC loss and stepped up to the challenge on a big stage.


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