Undertaker lifts lid on relationship with Brock Lesnar outside the ring

When any conversation about WWE arises, the name ‘The Undertaker’ is bound to pop up. And when it comes to the twenty-first century, Brock Lesnar is name-dropped in almost the same manner. The two had a very rocky relationship on screen. However, the dynamic between them off-screen is the farthest from being rivals. The Undertaker has explained how closely knit he used to be with Brock Lesnar off-screen.

Mark William Calaway, aka The Undertaker, has gone through several character arcs in the WWE. Despite his numerous character transformations, he mostly had a rivalry to uphold with Brock Lesnar. Whether it was the all-American biker boy or the demon spawned from the depths of hell beneath, The Undertaker always had a vendetta against Lesnar on screen.

And that culminated in Lesnar stripping the Undertaker off his legendary Wrestlemania streak. After a monumental streak of 21-0, The Undertaker succumbed to a defeat to Lesnar on Wrestlemania 30.

Undertaker inspired Brock Lesnar to fulfill his dreams

Despite their feudal on-screen presence, they were both tight in their personal lives. They knew how to separate lives behind the screen from the ring. The Undertaker loaded heaps of praise for ‘The Beast Incarnate.’ In an interview with Alex McCarthy, Undertaker brought up their bond and came up with a few anecdotes.

Apparently, Undertaker was the one who encouraged Lesnar to pursue his dreams of playing American football. Back in 2004, Lesnar penned down a contract with the Minnesota Vikings to fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL. That run was cut short. However, he gained the strength to leave WWE and opt for that career, owing to the likes of Undertaker.

‘The Phenom’ mentioned how everyone around Lesnar was discouraging him. Almost everyone kept ringing in his ears that he would love to regret that decision. Being a contrarian, Undertaker urged Lesnar to stick with his dreams, pointing out that he would rather regret a path he did not take.

Undertaker was in awe of Brock Lesnar’s business acumen

‘The Deadman’ walked the hard yards in WWE. He very well knew how hard it was to sustain a career in this line of work. Which is why he was astounded by Lesnar’s relentless success. He applauded Lesnar for his staggering stardom that transcended beyond phases.

Lesnar had departed from WWE on a number of occasions. Yet he managed to come out on top every time he returned to the ring. And that is something the Undertaker finds really commendable. He pigeonholed Lesnar as a business brainiac, “I don’t think he gets enough credit for his business acumen and his knowledge of the business.”

For this very reason, Undertaker is still awe-struck by Lesnar. He hung up his boots, hat, and leather overcoat. But the beast is still going strong and is set to lock horns with Omos at Wrestlemania 39.


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