Watch: Disoriented MMA fighter attacks referee after brutal eight-second knockout

Bizarre events unfolded in UAE as a visibly disconcerted MMA fighter lost sight of where he was and went on to throw punches at the referee. The fighter after being knocked out threw punches in the dark and unknowingly went to punch the referee. This happened in UAE Warriors 39 in Abu Dhabi.

The world was eagerly waiting for UFC 286. While the eyes were on the O2 Arena in London, fervent MMA fans kept eye on UAE Warriors as well. The event took place right before UFC 286. As things unraveled, the fans were yet again shaken to the core, thinking how potentially threatening an MMA match could turn out to be.

The two fighters locked horns in the 150 lb. catch-weight bout of the preliminary rounds of UAE Warriors 39 in Abu Dhabi. Ilkhom Nazimov, the man running rampant with his seven-game win streak, squared off with Rustem Kudaybergenov. This highly anticipated matchup was expected to go to the length. Despite both of them clinching victories early on in the fight in their career, their clash was potentially going to be the test of their cardiovascular endurance.

What happened in UAE Warriors 39?

To the fan’s surprise, Rustem Kudaybergenov ferociously struck down Ilkhom Nazimov with an electrifying overhand right, just after eight seconds in the fight. That move knocked the sense out of Nazimov, as the lights seemed to go out for him. Facing the brunt of that punch, Nazimov clashed into the cage as well. This resulted in disorientation.

While Kudaybegenov was elated with his stupendous victory, Nazimov found it hard to find his feet. Driven by his subconscious, he still looked to carry on with the fight, knowing very little of what occurred to him. The scenes were absolutely ridiculous. On one side of the cage the victor was performing back flips off the cage, and on the other side the defeated was seeing sunflowers.

Bizarre scenes as the disoriented fighter hangs on for dear life

The referee immediately took notice of Nazimov as things did not seem right. He went to tend him and check for severe concussion. Eventually, he had to stumble upon what he feared. Nazimov was still in the dark. Thinking the fight was ongoing, he fought instinctively. His survival instincts kicked in, and he kept throwing punches. The referee’s attempt at intervention could have hammered him. However, he was well aware and helped Nazimov come to his senses.

Nazimov had to absorb a knockout for the first time in his career. Kudaybegenov, on the other hand, added to his impressive run, with yet another win to his name.


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