Justin Gaethje receives congratulatory message from Chechnya dictator, Ramzan Kadyrov’s son after victory vs Rafael Fiziev at UFC 286

Justin Gaethje silenced his doubters, beating Rafael Fiziev at UFC 286. To stir up the pots of conversation, he has received a round of applause from Ramzan Kadyrov’s 17-year-old son Ahmad Kadyrov.

Justin Gaethje was congratulated by Ramzan Kadyrov’s teenage son, following his win over Rafael Fiziev

The former interim lightweight champion edged over Rafael Fiziev at the O2 Arena, in London. Both went in hard on each other, exchanging thundering blows. Fiziev managed to shake Gaethje up in the first round. However, Gaethje absorbed the blows and got back on his feet. Eventually, he turned the tides and bruised up Fiziev.

Fiziev was left with a bloody swollen face whereas Gaethje looked almost clean even after the fight. The faces do not succinctly tell the story, yes. But it insinuates how Gaethje showed resilience and composure yet again. The judges called the fight 29-28, 29-28, and 28-28 in Gaethje’s favor.

‘The Highlight’ surely did make a highlight feel for himself in this fight. And to follow that up he has managed to brew a storm in teacups as the rumors have resurfaced. Bloody elbow investigative journalist Karim Zidan blew the roof off revealing the teen Kadyrov’s congratulatory tweet for Gaethje.

What is the history between Justin Gaethje and Ramzan Kadyrov?

Earlier, Gaethje faced severe backlash when he attended Ramzan Kadyrov’s son’s birthday party. The sanctioned Chechen head is frowned upon in the west. What is more concerning to the other side of the world is his involvement in shady incidents. Formerly affiliated with the Chechen independence movement, Ramzan gained traction in the media, over the years, for all the wrong reasons.

People tending to his invitations are usually under the microscope for that. There was no exception for Justin Gaethje as well. In the turn of events, Gaethje was pictured with firearms at the Russian Special Forces University in Chechnya last month. He was accompanied by former UFC champions Kamaru Usman and Henry Cejudo in that firing range.

Justin Gaethje
Justin Gaethje at Ramzan Kadyrov’s son’s birthday party

When asked about whether he was in connection with Ramzan Kadyrov, Gaethje denied it and insisted that he never met him. However, upon direct confrontation with the photo, Gaethje had to succumb. He eventually replied that he was there just to attend Ramzan’s son’s birthday party.

Gaethje was torpedoed with accusations and questions following that incident. The very fact that the firing range was used in training Russian soldiers prior to their Ukraine invasion worked against him profusely. Gaethje however stood his ground and claimed this to be an innocent act. He claimed he just had a penchant for shooting guns. Just when Gaethje thought he weathered that storm, it seems like he is going to be in hot water yet again.

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