Welterweight title contender Colby Covington lifts shocking lid on partying with Donald Trump before flying to UFC 286 event as back-up fighter

Colby Covington divulges information about the time he spent partying with Donald Trump before he was ready to serve as the backup fighter for the main event of UFC 286, which featured a head-to-head bout between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman. 

Covington hasn’t been seen in the octagon since his unanimous decision victory over Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272. However, the American fighter made an unexpected return at UFC 286 in London to act as a backup fighter for the welterweight main event if either The Nigerian Nightmare or Rocky were to be injured.

When did Colby Covington party with Donald Trump? 

Even though the former interim welterweight champion did not have to participate in the fight in the end, he was still able to make it to the weigh-in session at the O2 location. During the press conferences, Chaos did what he does best and released one controversial statement after the other.

The fact that Chaos weighed 188 pounds meant that he needed to lose 18 pounds in just one day in order to be fight ready. Colby divulged an intriguing explanation for why he was noticeably overweight.

“Usually, it’s about 13, 14, 15 lbs max. But I was with Donald Trump last week. We were at a birthday party at Donald Trump’s. We were just kind of eating. I wasn’t really thinking that I was going to be the backup fighter. I hadn’t heard anything from the UFC.” said Covington 

The second-ranked fighter in the welterweight division, who has now been declared by Dana White to fight the champion in the division Leon Edwards in his next bout, aims to be in shape very soon. 

“So, I was like, ‘I’m going to splurge a little bit. I’m going to eat and have this buffet-style food and not really worry about it. Hopefully, I’ll get the [UFC 286 main event] winner this summer.” Colby further added.

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