Valorant Duelists Tier List 2024: Which agent in the game is most suitable for you?

Valorant Duelists’ Tier List 2024 is out now, a list that will give you tactical supremacy over other players. Duelists are characters who primarily deal with the role of taking out enemy players. These duelists help the gamers gain an advantage over the other players.

Valorant is a FPS game based on the concept of gunplay, primarily like Counter Strike. It gives a gamer the individual discretion to choose players, guns and abilities to use. With this Valorant Duelists Tier List, you would be able to practice with the best characters in their category, which would consequently help you to overpower the game singlehandedly.

Valorant duelists tier list 2024

According to the current meta patch 7.12, we have categorized the top characters in each Tier to help you select the best and win for good. These characters can have an edge over the others not just in a competitive game but also in casual and unranked matches.

However, it is to be noted that the current list is dynamic and subject to change based on future character developments in future meta patches.

First and foremost are the S-tier duelists, the strongest and most popular among others. With their unique and overpowering abilities, they can be fun to play with. In S-Tier, Jett is selected to be the top-most duelist. Jett is the only viable operator carrier in Valorant right now. Despite her limitations in the latest patch, she is the most agile of them all. With her dash ability, she can glide across the map seamlessly.

Jett via Riot Games

A-Tier, a category consisting of potential S-Tier characters, if a few of their shortcomings are resolved. Yoru, in this category, justifies his position. PRX forsakens’ VCT performance can vouch for this character. After his rework, he has again gained his position in Tier-A. His capability to crowd-control enemy agents despite his disappointing kit has helped him gain this position.

Yoru via Riot Games

Second in this category is Neon. She is known for her speed and ability to keep things moving. It is her Ultimate that distinguishes her but she still needs to get a good buff from the developers.

Neon via Riot Games

B-Tier, a category of okay and decent agents. They do not possess the ability to overpower the S- and A-tier players even in their worst days. Raze is one such character. Her recent changes resulted in her being dropped from the priority list.

After the Valorant Champions Tournament 2023, PRX Jingg showcased a dominating Raze display. This made Raze get too much exposure and eventually lots of nerfs for a strong duelist agent. 

Raze via Riot Games

Next in this category is Reyna. During the early days of New Jett, Reyna had a surge in her pick rate. Reyna is suitable for all those blood-thirsty sweats in Valorant.

Reyna via Riot Games

C-Tier, consisting of some nerfed agents and some that add nothing substantial to the game. Phoenix tops this category. He has not received much from the nerfs or the buffs over a long period of time. With just a 48.8% win rate and being the easiest to access, he has a justified position here.

Phoenix via Riot Games

Why Reyna actually needs a buff in Valorant?

Although Reyna is known to dominate the ranked matches, she still doesn’t hold her end of the bargain as a potential character to be chosen.

“The main problem she has is that her power works great against randoms, but it doesn’t help her at all in Pro Play, where other agents have a lot more power,” expressed a person on Reddit.

Some players have even requested that Reyna be removed from the ranked matches, considering her obsolete flash for team pushes and her lack of space-making ability. She stands pointless in a team effort. This is why she has been picked now even less than ever, with almost no pick-up in competitive matches.

Reyna needs to be taken over by the developers to at least make her usable in better lobbies. Her self-independent kit needs reworking to make her suitable for team synergy. She can be a potential pick with the right developments; otherwise, her character remains in vain for the game to play with.

Which duelist will you be playing with after the latest patch? Tell us in the comments.


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