Vince McMahon’s daughter Stephanie McMahon once assisted legendary 10-time WWE champion propose to his wife

In her time at WWE, the Billion Dollar Princess Stephanie McMahon has done everything from being a receptionist to serving as the company’s EVP of Creative. Her position as Chief Brand Officer began in 2013. She recently declared her intention to take a leave of absence from the business. Her father, Vince McMahon, has taken over as executive chairman of the board after Stephanie’s resignation as co-CEO and chairperson.

A large number of WWE Superstars have developed solid friendships with Stephanie McMahon. Stories of Stephanie supporting legends and even supporting Batista with his re-proposal to his wife have emerged from backstage in recent years.

Stephanie McMahon assisted Batista propose to his wife

The road to Batista’s WWE greatness wasn’t always smooth. Despite a difficult upbringing, he returned in 2014 and won the Royal Rumble. Batista’s pride was unharmed by his defeat at WrestleMania 30. To defeat The Shield, he joined forces with Triple H and Randy Orton to create Evolution. Batista’s last skirmish ended in a loss against Triple H at WrestleMania 35.

After his divorce from Glenda in 1998, he quickly remarried to Angie. They had to compromise and get inexpensive silver wedding rings for their first wedding because of budgetary concerns. Batista wanted to propose properly seven years later, and Stephanie McMahon helped him do it backstage at WrestleMania 21. 

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The proposal, described in detail by Batista in his autobiography “Batista Unleashed,” involves Stephanie McMahon handing Batista a Tiffany & Co. ring smeared with blood from his opponents.

In his autobiography Batista wrote, “So before WrestleMania [21], I went out and bought her a diamond engagement ring from Tiffany’s. (…) I gave it to Stephanie McMahon to hold and arranged for Angie to come backstage right after the match.”

Stephanie McMahon once slapped Batista

In 2014, WWE underestimated the popularity of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, not allowing Batista to promote it. When the movie was successful, WWE’s detractors were proven incorrect. Playing Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy series made Batista a Hollywood name, proving Triple H and Stephanie McMahon incorrect.

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Batista’s 2014 comeback to WWE was a misstep in his Guardians of the Galaxy promotion. His heel change and Royal Rumble victory were met with criticism, particularly regarding his attire. Stephanie McMahon once even smacked him and knocked off his sunglasses during a promotional segment.

Fans loved Stephanie McMahon, but she also often turned heel and slapped her rivals. Despite her innocent appearance, she developed a reputation for slapping other wrestlers.

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