Vince McMahon once tried to kiss Trish Stratus ass with a twist powered by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

There are various fan clubs and organizations in professional wrestling, often showcased in WWE. Some storylines are more outlandish than others, and Vince McMahon’s Kiss My A** Club is a notable example, debuting at the 2001 Survivor Series PPV and becoming a notorious plot point.

McMahon’s dominant persona was reflected in this plot, with him requesting a kiss on the a** from each celebrity as a sign of allegiance. Fans had varying responses to the contentious segment of the show, which included an awkward moment with Trish Stratus.

Why Vince McMahon tried to kiss Trish Stratus ass?

The legendary Trish Stratus, widely regarded as one of the industry’s finest divas, recently returned to Monday Night Raw in Toronto. Still a fan favorite, she proudly continues her legacy, having made a name for herself during the Attitude Era and earning the distinction of a seven-time Women’s Champion. Trish was involved in a bold storyline with McMahon’s naughty club.

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At the height of his popularity during the Attitude Era, Mr. McMahon (Vince McMahon) introduced a controversial segment he named the “Kiss my a** club.” As the dictatorial boss, McMahon demanded that the superstars kiss his back. In one such instance, Trish Stratus made an appearance, which provided an unexpected turn in the plot.

When Vince and Trish went in for a kiss, The Rock interrupted to say that he had someone else in mind to do the deed. The Rock chose Rikishi as his unexpected visitor, and although McMahon initially avoided kissing Rikishi on the buttocks, The Rock surprised him with a Rock Bottom. Subsequently, The Rock held McMahon down, allowing Rikishi to conclude the “Kiss My A** Club” with his iconic stink face. The naughty club was instantly shut down for good.

What is Vince McMahon’s Kiss My Ass club?

Now that Vince McMahon has left WWE, maybe the days of uncomfortable and contentious plots are behind the company. McMahon’s interactions with wrestlers like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin were amusing at times, but there were also awkward storylines involving Trish Stratus and the notorious “Kiss My Ass Club.”

In an effort to regain his job after the Invasion angle in 2001, William Regal had to pledge to kiss McMahon’s bare buttocks on live TV. On November 19th, while watching Raw, Regal became the first member of “The Kiss My Ass Club.” The WWE chairman pulling down his pants for the wrestler to kiss his naked buttocks was a truly embarrassing sight.

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Unfortunately, over the years, McMahon continued to use this humiliating routine on workers who resisted being let go. McMahon was so intimidating that even Jim Ross, who was laughing at him on commentary, became a victim. This occurred in Oklahoma, JR’s home state, making it much harder for him. The whole globe saw a woman kiss a man’s butt on live television, and six people fell prey to the wrestling industry’s wealthiest posterior.

That was the worst of WWE history according to many’s. Leave your opinion in the comments area about Vince’s clumsy performance in those racy club scenes.


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