Watch: 49ers’ female fan get her wig torn off in huge brawl during NFL week 3 game vs Giants

A violent brawl broke out between an unruly group of spectators at the San Francisco 49ers vs New York Giants game on Thursday Night. Amidst all of this chaos that has since gone viral, one woman had her wig torn off from her head, and another was seen throwing punches at people.

This riot comes to light amidst a bunch of violent incidents at NFL games throughout the country. Something that has tarnished the image of one of the most followed and widely televised sports in the nation.

Watch: 49ers’ female fan get her wig torn off in huge brawl at Levi’s stadium

During last night’s game between the 49ers and the NY Giants, a heated clash between fans in the stands broke out. The situation inside Levi’s stadium took a turn for the worse when a man wearing a No. 25 Richard Sherman jersey and a thick gold chain, attacked a woman, grabbing her by the hair and shoving her down the bleachers.

A security guard was also seen in the video engaging in a desperate attempt to break up the fight.

The video received a mixed response on social media, with some users finding the funny side of proceedings while others were horrified at the violence.

“Feels like every time I go to now something like this is bubbling to pop off. Between that and the cost of tickets its better just watching at home”, one user commented.

Earlier this month, a brawl broke out during a preseason game at the Levi’s stadium where a Broncos fan was left bloodied and bruised.

This is not the first incident of violence at NFL Games. On Sunday, one man was brutally murdered in the bleachers of Gillette Stadium, while another was involved in a brutal headbutting incident at the game between Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens. In September alone, there have been more than 7 incidents involving violence and unruly behavior at NFL venues.

49ers secure three consecutive victory scoring exactly 30 points per game

The San Francisco 49ers have scored 30 or more points in their last three games, only for the third time in their franchise history. With this victory over the New York Giants, the 49ers have now equaled one of their best starts in the NFL.

Against the Giants, the San Francisco 49ers dominated defensive proceedings, stifling the Giants to a mere 150 yds. Brock Purdy and Deebo Samuel led the offense from the front as the they ran rampant, leaving the Giants in their wake as they cruised to a 30-12 victory at the Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco.

What are your thoughts on the San Franciso 49ers new season campaign in the NFL? Do you think they could possibly embark on a Super Bowl journey this season? Share with us below.

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