Watch: Alexander Volkanovski shares footage of post UFC 284 backstage meeting with Islam Makhachev to discuss rematch in Abu Dhabi

New post-fight video footage featuring Alexander Volkanovski and Islam Makhachev has been published by Volkanovski, in which the two fighters discuss the possibility of a rematch in Abu Dhabi.

In a video that was recently released by the Australian fighter, it can be seen that after the bout, Volkanovski and his entire crew went to Islam Makhachev’s dressing area, where they exchanged pleasant handshakes and greetings with each other. After a photo shoot, Alexander made a challenge to The Russian to a rematch, and Makhachev enthusiastically accepted the challenge.

“Should we do it again? Maybe Abu Dhabi. You deserve one in Abu Dhabi. My turn to get booed” Volkanovski said. 

It was widely predicted that Dagestan’s Islam Makhachev would rise to the top of the pound-for-pound rankings following his victory over the current featherweight champion. The Russian quickly declared himself the best in the world after his victory over Volk, but the most current P4P ranking invalidates this.

UFC 284 ended with Volkanovski on top of the pound-for-pound rankings, followed by Makhachev. This suggests that the relative standings of the two combatants are the same as they were prior to the occurrence. Hence, a rematch between the UFC’s top two pound-for-pound fighters is now possible after Volkanovski was defeated and Makhachev not making it to the top spot in the Pound-for-Pound rankings.

UFC 284 took place in the RAC Arena in Perth, Western Australia, and highlighted a spectacular octagon bout between Makhachev and Volkanovski. By scores of 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46 in Makhachev’s favor, he successfully defended his lightweight title against Volkanovski.

A few days after the battle, “The Great” issued a second challenge to the Dagestani fighter for another bout. This time, “The Great” threatened to knock out “Islam” in the featherweight division, which is the one in which Alexander presently holds the title.


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