Watch: Bus stop collapses with Eagles fans on it during wild NFC Championship celebration

The Philadelphia Eagles are flying high in the stratosphere after reaching the Super Bowl competition for the fourth time in the franchise’s history.

The last time they reached the Super Bowl was five years ago when the Eagles triumphed over Tom Brady’s New England Patriots. That’s the franchise’s only Super Bowl ring; the other two events denied them the honor. And now they have an opportunity to add another ring to their fingers.

Surely the anticipation and potential destination made the fans overly excited, and the celebration went berserk. Thus, there have been multiple incidents that have produced some ironic and iconic memories for them.

What did the Eagles’ fans do while celebrating?

The NFC championship game was held in Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field, and the city was prepared to stage the celebration for any of the teams. But it appears the wild and victorious celebration knows no bounds, and history supports the statement.

The Eagles’ fans had every intention of putting on a bizarre show during the celebration, such as climbing the poles or sheds and presenting themselves in a primal appearance. And the city of Philadelphia had the perfect antidote: they polished the poles to keep fans away from such displays. So the fans chose a bus stop’s shed instead and celebrated on its rooftops.

It appears the poor shed also couldn’t take the thrust from the Eagles’ fans and collapse with some unfortunate individuals. But the show must go on, and the fans continued the party all night long.

The NFC champions are poised to win the Super Bowl for the second time, but they must first defeat the mighty Kansas City Chiefs. However, the Eagles had shown a fierce offense throughout the campaign, scoring the most points in the NFC.

The Super Bowl will be held two weeks later, on February 12, at the University of Phoenix Stadium. In the meantime, share your predictions with us. Stay tuned to SportsZion for more updates.


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