Watch: Eagles player wives celebrating Playoffs on party bus

The Philadelphia Eagles this season were in top form. No matter who came their way, the Eagles were ruthless in hunting their prey down one by one. Only in three instances did Philadelphia let their guard down, resulting in humiliating defeats against the Jets, Dolphins, and Commanders. Otherwise, the Eagles were out of everyone’s league as they clinched the National Football conference with fourteen victories!

Now, with almost two weeks in their hands, the Eagles camp will polish themselves up and deservingly enjoy the moment with their loved ones. After their fourteenth victory came against the New York Giants, the team was delighted with their achievement. 

Even though the players celebrated their victory and overall conference seed in the dressing room, their wives were one step ahead of them with their insane “Bus Party!”

This wild party surely grabbed the attention of the NFL universe as fans, as usual, were not shy to express themselves on Twitter, reaching to the exclusive “wives’ party” video. 

How did the NFL world react to the Eagles Playoffs celebration videos?

The response to the players’ video was expectedly positive as fans enjoyed the team celebrations and wrote comments like, 

“Vibes crazy rn!!”

“Awesome!” another fan added.

“Let’s go!!!!” a fan chanted.

The same could not be said about their wives’ party video, as many fans criticised them for not the best of reasons.

A fan wrote in the Eagles wives’ celebration video comments, “That’s the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

While another fan went on to say, “Gold diggers lmao,”

“Clearly white women are the prize when you hit the 1%” a fan pointed out that most rich people want white wives. 

A fan following the previous comment wrote, “Everyone hates white people until you want a trophy wife.”

Why are fans reacting differently in the two videos? Do the wives of the Eagles players deserve that much hate for celebrating? Share your thoughts in the comments. 


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