Tom Brady in legitimate financial disaster at a time of Buccaneers Playoff Run

Tom Brady is the living legend of the NFL universe. With his magnificent skills and ever-lasting youth, he has impressed people from across the globe. Playing for more than two decades is no easy cookie; players usually do not play this much Football, while regular QBs retire before turning thirty-nine years of age. Brady, always in his prime form, never failed to grab the attention of franchises, businesses, and sponsors. 

Brady, a wise man, did not waste his opportunity to invest what he had earned, and now being involved in multiple investments, the GOAT of the NFL has a whopping net worth of $250 million. This might not surprise fans; however, the following detail sure will!

It seems like Tom Brady made the wrong investment decisions, and now they are backfiring on him with significant losses. On the other hand, Brady is not getting any younger; having played for more than 20 years is something out of the blue, yet, many a group of the NFL universe argues that maybe it is time for the old timer to “hit the shower” and step back. 

Moreover, even though the Buccaneers qualified for the “Wild Card” match, they would be searching for a new young quarterback who can, in the long run, contribute to the team in many years to come. If another team signs Brady, maybe he can get some relief from his financial disaster. 

How much will the legitimate financial disaster cost Tom Brady?

Having lost as much as $45 million in FTX shares, Brady would regret the time and effort spent behind the crypto-currency company. Moreover, if he does not find a team in time, his worries will only increase as he will be unable to maintain his $30 million salary.

Tom Brady
om Brady in a legitimate financial disaster.

However, having saved enough money and having a net worth of $250 million, Tom can easily live his life, maybe not in the way he is living it right now. Yet he will still be more than comfortable living with what he owns. 

Can Brady find a team to maintain his wealth? Time will tell. Till then, stay tuned for more updates. 


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