Dani Alves to be out of prison over alleged sexual assault within a month lawyers anticipate

Dani Alves could be released from prison within a month as the newly appointed Spanish lawyer Cristobal Martell and his team are almost certain about it after studying the whole case.

The Brazilian legendary fullback was taken to custody on January 3, following a rape and sexual assault case, filed by a 23-year-old woman that took place in Barcelona’s historic Sutton Nightclub.

The appeal for bail was turned down by the judge after initially hearing from the Jury panel and Alves was taken to the prison near his former club Barcelona, but it was prior to Martell’s appointment.

The famous lawyer has studied the case thoroughly and is optimistic about his client’s release from prison within a month as the court will take mostly 30 days to hear from the Prosecution and the Public Prosecutor as per his assumption.

The alleged victim has submitted her statement and the 23-year-old explained the situation alpha and omega on how she was molested and taken down by the former Barcelona player.

Alves invited some of his friends along with the victim woman to a VIP room in Sutton Nightclub which is known as ‘La Suite’ to which only a few have access, and the 39-year-old took the complainant to another place out of the sight of the guests.

The sufferer woman primarily thought they were going to another room but instead, Alves took her to the bathroom and grabbed her from behind as he started to unleash his intention while assaulting and raping her.

Alves denied all the allegations on the first stance but however came up with a different story when video footage of the two emerged where the two were seen copulating.

However, his lawyer came up with something special in defense of this and said, “Why did Dani Alves change his version so many times? It was because he was trying to hide the fact that he was cheating on his wife.”

Joana Sanz, a Spanish model, and Dani Alves’s wife, has removed all of their Instagram photos together due to racial abuse after originally defending her husband. What transpired between them after the verdict was rendered remains to be seen.


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