Dani Alves hires Lionel Messi’s lawyer to fight his alleged rape case

Dani Alves found himself behind the cells following a rape and sexual assault allegation put on by a 23-year-old woman as SportsZion reported earlier about the case.

The incident took place during the eve of New Year at the historic Sutton Nightclub, Barcelona. The woman filed a complaint, and the police took him to jail following dismissing the initial bail order by the court.

Alves, who previously denied the relationship between him and the victim, has come up with another statement that he copulated with the woman, but it was mutual consent that made the case more complicated.

Now the Brazilian is thinking about appointing Cristobal Martell, the Spanish lawyer who has great experience of fighting huge and differential cases.

Martell previously handled the Lionel Messi tax fraud case where he defended the Argentine brilliantly and also rescued former Barcelona presidents Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu from the tax sham case following Neymar’s move to the club from Santos.

Cristobal Martell will be assisting the player’s current attorney, Miraida Puente Wilson but the player is supposedly in great danger after further evidence was collected.

The victim claimed to be forcefully grabbed from behind and insisted Dani was too strong to set her free from him. Police took her statement, and it will be produced before the court upon the next hearing.


Alves has told prior to his arrest that he was framed, and he didn’t know the woman, but as clouds are shifting, pictures become clear after emerging video footage where the former Barcelona man was seen with the woman and the two stayed in a bathroom for more than 15 minutes.

Martell will look to emulate these pictures out of the equation through brief clarification as Dani Alves and his fate hung up on the hands of the Spaniard.


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