Dani Alves’ wife fires back at cyber bullies after husband’s arrest on sexual assault charges

Dani Alves is facing the trial of the alleged rape and sexual assault case, but his wife Joana Sanz, a Spanish model and business lady is suffering a whole lot of worst receptions from abusers on the social networking platform due to his action.

After initially supporting her husband, Joana is slowly backing off after further evidence brought to light made the allegation a bit real and a verdict will be delivered in near time.

Dani Alves constantly changed his statement during the hearing adding smoke to the case, but with concrete proves are against him, the footballer insisted that he didn’t disclose everything due to his wife who could be hurt.

However, the Spanish model has been through a very difficult moment in her life after her mother died a few days ago and now the Brazilian accused of rape left her receiving hate messages.

There have been trolls all around the web relating her but still has some harsh judgment been thrashed upon her. The model shared some screenshots to her Instagram account, and one said to her, “Support you? Even those who are close to your husband for money don’t believe that.”

“You are a piece of sh**, your husband is a rapist.”- another message reads.

Joana deleted all her photos with the Brazilian after video footage emerged that forced Dani to admit to having sex with the alleged victim. But it appeared to be targeted by the haters.

“Now you jump like the rat you are from the sinking ship, but what can you expect, you’re a **** anyone, they took you out of the ****, *****.”- One crossed the limit and used slung against the model.

Alves appointed Cristobal Martell as his attorney, who helped Messi and Barcelona win the tax fraud case. Now the former Juventus and Barcelona footballer hoping that Martell will be able to bail him out which seems unlikely though.


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