“You can’t act like a champion without winning a championship” Ex-Patriots WR Julian Edelman slams Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are participating in the highest level of American football competition since 1960. Their history and aristocracy are entrenched in the sports industry at every step. But the former New England Patriots star doesn’t seem to accept the statement.

Julian Edelman, the former Patriots wide receiver, spent his entire career with the same team, from 2009 to 2020. In this period, he achieved three Super Bowl rings and one Super Bowl MVP.

During his tenure, the Patriots dominated the Bills in every season.

Recently, in an interview at Barstool Sports’ ‘Pardon My Take,’ Julian shared his perception of the Bills as a rival from his recollection. The former professional didn’t appear to be very fond of his opponent.

What did Julian Edelman say about the Buffalo Bills?

In that interview, the 36-year-old bashed the bills openly, saying, “You gotta win a championship to be a champion. You can’t act like a champion without winning a championship.” He reflects on the Bills’ recent loss against the Cincinnati Bengals in the divisional round.

Edelman strongly maintains his negativity when it comes to his divisional rival. He tasted 14 victories over the Bills in his 11-year career, which put a distinctive superior mentality in his mind. The WR never saw it as his level, so it appears that old rivalry dies hard.

In his 16 appearances against the Bisons, Edelman had 69 catches for 674 yards and six touchdowns. Maybe that’s why he refers to the team as “little brother,” which always loses in every competition.

julian edelman vs the bills
Julian Edelman has been the epitome of consistency in New England (credit: pff.com)

The three-time Super Bowl winner also seemed to be upset by how the Bills were portrayed and how they saw things. He compared the whole franchise with his record by bragging about his title, “Three-time Super Bowl champs that never won a Super Bowl.”

In my opinion, the former Patriot star actually couldn’t absorb his team’s loss vs. the Bills this season, which finally got them knocked out of the regular season. That’s why he appeared to be very joyful and appreciated the Bengals for crushing them.

What’s your thought on Julian Edelman’s view of the Buffalo Bills? Do the Bills really show more than their face value? Share your thoughts with us.


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  1. Edleman is right on about the bills who can disagree. The bill had all the tools in the tool box and couldnt get it done. Maybe there is some real substance as to how S Diggs really felt.

  2. He’s a punk that played with a cheater. He can go pound salt. Hope he likes making cell phone commercials. He’s not qualified to do much else.


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