Jake Paul faces backlash for ‘stealing’ Molly-Mae Hague baby announcement while taking shots at Tommy Fury

The bout between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, two young boxers, has been officially announced. However, Paul ignited a social media firestorm before the battle even began.

The problem child addressed the birth of Molly-Mae and Tommy’s baby before them, reviving the pair’s old rivalry. Fans, on the other hand, have been exploring the issue on social media.

The Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury match has been delayed twice before the third announcement. Although the fight never took place in the ring, the rivalry was always there. This time, it’s the YouTuber turned boxer who is responsible for starting the drama right before the fight.

Earlier on Friday, the problem child made a tweet in which he called out the British boxer and claimed that he is coming to London to come face-to-face with the professional boxer.

However, things went crazy when Paul mentioned their unannounced baby in front of the fans before Molly-Mae and Tommy. The shocking revelation from the 26-year-old soon became a headline on the internet. Although Molly-Mae fans are furious over the undefeated influencer boxer.

The fans have been angry for the most part over the following issue: Having said that, there are some neutral comments here and there about the controversial character, but for the most part, people are backlashing the 26-year-old for his disrespectful behavior.

On that note, one of the fans commented, “Looooooooooool, how can Jake Paul announce the birth of the baby before Tommy/Molly Mae?” Another fan added, “Why is Jake Paul announcing the birth of Molly-Mae and Tommy’s little one before they have?”

The fight immediately became personal for the 23-year-old. Even though it is the crucial fight of his career since his father and his half-brother, John and Tyson Furry made a comment about Tommy’s quitting the game if he loses the match to Jake Paul.

So the fight is kind of do-or-die for the younger half-brother of Tyson Fury. The contest is going to take place in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, February 26.



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