Watch: Dallas Cowboys’ veteran QB Tony Romo almost slipped racial slur during Chiefs vs Bengals match, social media not having it

The NFL is the most entertaining sports show in the USA; sometimes it even tops Hollywood when it comes to producing bizarre dark humor and to speak less the broadcaster are also competing in this run.

We are habituated to observing weird stunts or antics from the players on the field or coaches on the sidelines, but the commentators also have a tendency to entertain the fans with their voices or word choices. It is undeniably true; without them, the games would be dull and boring.

Previously, we observed Al Michaels’ antics last year, and now another popular broadcaster, Tony Romeo, almost made the headlines last night, but in a notorious way.

What did Tony Romo say during last night’s game?

The AFC championship game featured two giants: the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals. From the broadcast booth, Tony was covering the game for CBS and almost delivered a racial innuendo. During the play, he went on saying, “Right there, you got three ni…”

It happened so fast that the fans almost missed the slur as Romo quickly checked himself but what happened happened, and some viewers caught the act.

A Twitter user said, “Tony Romo a straight racist. What was he gonna say? 3 what? Come on man.”

Romo’s gaffe has already raised some eyebrows among netizens, as no commentator would normally yell the ‘N’-word on live television. The former professional must have been overjoyed, but why on earth would that word enter his mind at that precise moment?

Tony obtained quite a following in his commentary career from all kinds of fans. He is generally an entertainer, and thus he has received praise from other media, prominent journalists, and veteran commentators. Such action from him is totally unexpected and unacceptable.

He was a star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys before joining the broadcast network, having played 11 seasons for them in the NFL. During his football career, he was a four-time Pro Bowler and the NFL passer rating leader in 2014.

What do you think about Tony Romo’s misspoken racial slur? Was it in his subconscious mind? Help us with your opinion in the comments.


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5 thoughts on “Watch: Dallas Cowboys’ veteran QB Tony Romo almost slipped racial slur during Chiefs vs Bengals match, social media not having it”

  1. He got so excited, he forgot where he was and thought he was back in the locker room, where he most likely heard the n-word bounced around by teammates. You still can’t say it, Tony!

  2. He knew what he was doing he has done this before just didn’t get caught up The world has too change hate never solves anything Tony has a problem he must address


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