Watch: Patrick Beverley overthrowing a pass to LeBron James in Lakers vs Hornets

The Los Angeles Lakers achieved their 16th win of the season and finally got back into a winning streak against the Charlotte Hornets at the Spectrum Center. The Lakers won the game 121-115, but the margin could have been larger if they hadn’t missed some easy shots.

Last night was supposed to be the night for Lakers players to get back on track, but point guard Patrick Beverley failed to deliver a quality performance, frequently playing loose balls that disrupted the rhythm. One of those gaffes went viral on social media shortly after the game.

What did Patrick Beverley do?

The 34-year-old guard got multiple opportunities to make a contribution to the team. In the first quarter, the Lakers got a chance at a fastbreak just after a rebound. LeBron James and Beverley hit a one-two to get to the other side of the court. Though there was only one opponent to guard two of them, Beverly threw a lob pass over James’ head.

Following the hilarious overthrow, James seemed to be extremely dissatisfied with his teammate. The viral overthrow video received 100,000 views in just 30 seconds.

How are the Los Angeles Lakers faring this season?

Patrick’s poor pass, in some ways, reflects the Lakers’ season. With this win, they managed to surpass the Oklahoma City Thunder and reach the 12th seed in the Western Conference. The Lakers have only made the postseason playoffs twice in the last four seasons, with one of them winning the title in 2020.

The former Russian League player is clueless in his first season with the Lakers. He only scored six points, whereas LeBron scored 43 with six assists and 11 rebounds. The four-time NBA champion just turned 38 last week.

Despite his age, Lakers forward King James is having a fantastic season. This season, he is averaging 28.5 points, which come from 50.6% field goals, 40% from three-pointers, and 75.3% from free throws, with 8.1 rebounds and 6.6 assists per game.


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