LeBron James isn’t concerned about Lakers’ poor preseason showing

The Los Angeles Lakers is a rejuvenated team with a bunch of veterans who aren’t scared to accept that they won’t be playing to their full potential as a team in their first few games together.

They expect everyone to know that this will take time, there will be ups and downs as the process continues, and they are well concerned about their hard work and dedication to reach the peak.

Lakers lost their very first exhibition game of the new season with an extremely poor play on the court against the Golden State Warriors, and continued the streak by scoring only 105-75 against the Sacramento Kings on Monday.

LeBron James, one of the cornerstones of the Lakers, does not seem to be bothered or affected by the defeat in anyway. He spent the entire second half sitting out, playing for less than 16 minutes in the court on Monday.

“King James” expressed his indifference towards these preseason games and opined that the practice sessions carry more importance in shaping the team’s fate.

He unapologetically stated to the Laker’s Nation,  “I just missed some shots tonight,” he added, “I missed three layups, wide-open layups, a couple of 3s. I’ve been 0-for before, but I just played more. I’ve started a game where I’ve been like 0-for-9 before but I’ve played 35-40 minutes, I got an opportunity to get my rhythm. 15 minutes and it was over with, but that’s the last thing on my mind as far as makes or misses.”

The four-time MVP insisted that the Lakers are mainly focused on individual growth of the athletes. To him, these exhibition games are “Nothing at all”, although “It means something, as far as individuals getting in rhythm, getting in game shape. We have our practices, but being out on the floor and bumping up against another team and things of that nature, that helps. All I’m saying is that for me, there’s nothing I’m going to learn in preseason at this point of my career,” James said.

The Lakers are completely carefree about the preseason games as they’re aiming for the bigger wins. Likewise, fans are hopeful that the silent diligence will lead the team to win the NBA championship this season.

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