Watch: Tom Brady’s heartwarming interaction with unexpected ex-rival at Pebble Beach Pro-Am event

The Tom Brady and Buffalo Bills rivalry has been one of the most iconic in the NFL because of the former QB’s dominance on the team. Still, Tom Brady and Josh Allen never shared any discord and maintained a positive bond.

Tom Brady recently encountered Josh Allen, his old rival, at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Josh Allen and his dad shared a heartwarming moment with the former QB.

Tom Brady meets Josh Allen and his dad at golfing event

Tom Brady and Josh Allen were competitors on the football field and will now face each other in golf as well. Both are participating in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am this weekend.

But before that, both met each other and Brady shared a heartwarming moment with Allen’s dad, Joel.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion praised Allen and told his father that he loved him.

“I love your son, but you already knew that. He’s a great kid,” Brady said.

Brady and Allen seemed to have had a good time together. Tom Brady playfully teased Allen, highlighting the age difference and joking about Allen, 27, getting strokes from a 46-year-old.

In the Pro-Am, Allen will play with World No. 75 Keith Mitchell, while Brady will play with professional golfer Keegan Bradley.

This is not the first time that Allen and Brady will face each other in a golf game. They also competed in a golf tournament in 2022, The Match at the Wynn Golf Club in Nevada.

How many times has Tom Brady competed against Josh Allen in NFL?

Tom Brady has retired from the NFL and is now focusing on his post-retirement ventures. But during his NFL career, the former QB faced Josh Allen only four times. 

The first time they faced each other was in the 2018 season, while Brady was still with the Patriots. Then they faced each other in 2021. Their head-to-head stats are 4-0. Josh Allen never won a game against Tom Brady but the former QB still respects him and is a fan of Allen

Tom Brady
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Tom Brady’s unparalleled 33-3 record against the Buffalo Bills stands as a testament to his historic dominance in the NFL, leaving an indelible mark on the franchise. Despite the Bills’ improvement with a 7-1 record against the Patriots post-Brady, his legacy looms large. 

Now, the seven-time Super Bowl champion is retired and Allen and Bills were in advantage but the team lost the AFC wildcard round to the Chiefs. So, this year again, Josh Allen will not be playing in the Super Bowl game. 

Who do you think will win a game of golf between Tom Brady and Josh Allen? Let us know in the comments section.

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