NFL legend Tom Brady offers invaluable advice to Bills QB Josh Allen: “I don’t want to see him ever get hurt”

The NFL players can learn a lot from Tom Brady, the NFL legend and seven-time Super Bowl champion. He is one of the few players who spent 23 seasons in the league. Therefore, the former quarterback brings a wealth of experience which can help any player to do better in the league. 

Recently, the NFL legend himself passed some words of advice to the Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Allen is known as one of the toughest quarterbacks in the NFL and Brady’s advice was aimed to aid Allen in further enhancing his skills.

Tom Brady offers invaluable advice to Josh Allen

Josh Allen recently appeared on the Let’s Go podcast of Tom Brady where he talked to the legendary NFL player. During their conversation, the 27-year-old mentioned that he has always been a big fan of Brady.

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The former QB then decided to pass some words of wisdom to Allen. He advised the Bills QB to be extremely selective when he runs. 

“There’s a lot of confidence in it. But the only problem is, from my standpoint, you’re putting yourself in harm’s way. And when you put yourself in harm’s way, it doesn’t take much for someone to land on you.”

Tom Brady emphasized that Allen shouldn’t stop running but work strategically to avoid any injuries. He mentioned that he doesn’t want to see Allen hurt.

“And not that he shouldn’t run, but when he does run, f—ing slide and make sure no one hits you, because I don’t ever want to see him ever get hurt.”

The 46-year-old shared that in 2021 he separated his shoulder which affected his performance throughout the season. Therefore, the Bills QB should specifically focus on avoiding injuries.

Allen acknowledged the words of Brady and also admitted that he is right about it but he mentioned that quarterbacks can easily get hurt. It is hard for them to avoid injuries during the game.

Tom Brady then also admired Allen sharing that he wants to see him playing for a long time which is possible given his potential and skills. The former QB is also right about focusing on avoiding injuries. We have already seen many valuable players getting sidelined this season because of injuries. 

The best example is of the Jets quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. The team put so much faith in Aaron Rodgers and was dreaming of a Super Bowl win this season, but all the dreams were shattered when Rodgers got injured in the first game and was sidelined for the whole season. 

Despite having the potential, experience, and talent to help his team win a Super Bowl, the quarterback is unable to play because of injury. Brady doesn’t want the same thing to happen to Josh Allen. 

Tom Brady claims Josh Allen is like his ‘oldest son’

After advising the Bills QB and telling him to be careful during his risky style of play, Tom Brady mentioned that Allen is like his oldest son Jack.

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He emphasized that he could advise him to play in a certain way, but Allen will do what he wants to do like his oldest son, Jack does.

“He’s like my oldest son. I try to tell him, but in the end, he’s just got to do it his way. Speaking from a few experiences, he still wants just to do it his way,” the NFL legend said.

Jim Gray who was also in the podcast jokingly said that he is right because the 27-year-old QB is closer in age to the 16-year-old Jack than he is to the 46-year-old Brady.

“I can add too,” the former QB said. “You don’t need to add that. You’re right.”

Tom Brady then further emphasized his point about being careful as a quarterback. But the way he admired Josh Allen and advised him shows that he is impressed by the quarterback and wants him to succeed in the NFL.

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