WATCH: UFC star Paulo Costa’s hilarious edited video on Khamzat Chimaev, Dana White and Israel Adesanya

A video that Paulo Costa posted on Twitter has already caught the MMA community’s interest. A lot of UFC fighters have reportedly been edited into Batman universe figures for The Dark Knight movie-themed video.

The Brazilian has managed to create a separate fanbase based on his trolling skills alone. So it’s not too surprising to see him making fun of his rumored opponent Khamzat ‘Borz’ Chimaev.

Paulo Costa posts an edited video with Khamzat Chimaev, Dana White, and Israel Adesanya cameo

Although it is unknown what Costa intended by the video, almost everyone thought it was pretty funny. Whether the Brazilian fighter did the editing himself is also up for debate. However, there’s a good probability that the video is just for fun and isn’t intended to offend anyone. 

Several characters from Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster Batman film appear in the video. Costa depicted himself as Batman, Khamzat Chimaev as the Joker, Dana White as James Gordon, Israel Adesanya as Lucius Fox, and Bruce Buffer as Alfred Pennyworth. 

How do the DC universe characters fit with the UFC personalities? 

Even if it can only be for a good chuckle, there might be a deeper significance to the video. Khamzat and the Brazilian have been at odds for a while. Although a battle was discussed on several occasions, nothing tangible came out by the end. While Borz’s next fight isn’t planned yet, Costa is getting ready to take on Ikram Aliskerov. 

Additionally, The Last Stylebender’s appearance cannot be a coincidence. When Izzy and Costa squared off in a title battle in 2020, the Nigerian fighter snapped the Brazilian’s five-fight winning streak at UFC 253. 

Undoubtedly, one of the most important figures in the UFC is Bruce Buffer. The seasoned ring announcer is practically a given at any major UFC event. Therefore, despite the fact that he goes by the name Bruce, Alfred Pennyworth is without a doubt the person he has the most similarities with. 

James Gordon, a fictional police commissioner, is always attempting to calm down the chaos in Gotham City. In his chaotic kingdom known as UFC, Dana White tries to maintain equilibrium as well. It would be pretty hard to find a better representation in the Gotham universe for the UFC head honcho.

What other DC character would you say would be the ideal match for different UFC fighters? Let us know in the comment section. 

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