“We can’t feel sorry for ourselves” Lakers center Anthony Davis optimistic about playoff push despite LeBron James’ injury misfortune

After carrying the entire team single-handedly for a couple of months while the others were constantly injured, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James finally caught up with his fitness issues.

In the game against the Dallas Mavericks, the Lakers forward felt uncomfortable in his ankle but kept playing with it. He was later seen limping out of the Mavericks’ home arena and posting a picture of his injured leg on social media, expressing his disappointment.

However, as the lone warrior falls, the other should take charge, and in this case, another star, Anthony Davis, should emerge as the front-runner for the Lakers.

What did Anthony Davis have to say regarding LeBron James’ injury?

With his ankle injury, the 38-year-old was set to miss a few weeks of game time, which was too crucial to ignore for the Lakers at this moment. Being the 12th seed in the Western Conference, the Lakers can’t leave any spots open to secure a place in the playoffs.

Amid such testing times, the 8-time all-star might be seen as the leader on court for the rest of the games in James’ absence. Davis himself expressed such insight in leading the team when it needed it most.

lebron james anthony davis

“He’s not coming back any time soon, so we can’t feel sorry for ourselves, we can’t put our head down and say, ‘Oh we miss Bron.’ We have to go out and compete”, the 29-year-old center appeared determined to stay on the helm for the team.

Anthony also faced a situation where he missed a handful of games due to his injury. In his absence, the 19 time all-star almost fought-like a lone wolf every game and tried his best. Now it’s the teammate’s time to return the favor.

The 6.10-footer scored an average of 25.8 points with 12.6 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game in his 35 appearances this season. The Lakers fans are surely hoping for him to keep the postseason dream alive.

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