Weeks after harrowing mishap with Iyo Sky, latest botch on SmackDown puts Charlotte Flair under fire

The action in the Women’s Division hasn’t been as good as it could be over the past 6 months, mainly due to incoherent storylines. Despite the highs of matches like Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair, which was arguably the best match of both night 1 and night 2 of Wrestlemania 39, the Women’s division has been rather dull, except for Iyo Sky’s cash-in at Money in the Bank.

Ripley’s involvement in Judgement Day segments, rather than facing her women counterparts, has led to lower screen time for the championship. Damage Control hasn’t been as impactful as Bianca Bel Air, who carried the Women’s Division for more than a year. Charlotte, despite having the most WWE Women’s Championship title reigns and a Hall of Fame-worthy career, has recently faced criticism for botches and other issues.

Charlotte Flair involved in major botch on SmackDown

On today’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Charlotte Flair was involved in another major botch where she failed to execute a significant boot to the face, which didn’t even connect with the Women’s Champion, Iyo Sky. Nevertheless, she had no other option but to sell the move. This incident was not the first time Flair has botched a sequence and struggled to execute her finisher, the Natural Selection, properly over the years.

There hasn’t been a lot going on for the legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair’s daughter, as she experienced a wardrobe malfunction during her match with Ronda Rousey on Night 2 of Wrestlemania 39, causing the TV feed to cut to black when the incident occurred.

Flair, Iyo Sky’s mishap weeks prior became huge talking point

The chemistry between Sky and Charlotte hasn’t been great in the ring, and the recent botch wasn’t the first time something went wrong during their matches. An embarrassing sequence occurred during a tag team match where Flair and Bianca Bel Air teamed up against Damage Control, and a hot tag went awry due to timing issues between Flair and Iyo Sky.

The WWE Universe has accused Charlotte Flair of appearing unbothered and less committed, as she has already achieved every accolade possible in the Women’s Division. The accumulation of these mistakes over the past few months has left the WWE Universe unsatisfied with her performance.

There’s no doubt that the Queen of WWE is one of the greatest of all time in her field, and she was a leader in ushering in the Women’s Revolution, ensuring that the Women’s Division is taken seriously.

However, it does appear that her passion for the business is diminishing day by day. What is your take on Charlotte’s performance? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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