WWE Women’s Tag Champ Chelsea Green proposes Edge’s final opponent in the company, sparking return speculation for the former champion

Since his debut in 1992, Edge had a colossal pro wrestling career. In 31 years of wrestling, he has earned a massive fanbase and he also became a Hall of Famer in WWE. He has also been the WWE champion 11 times in his whole career.

The R-rated superstar has been out of the ring for several months now, but it is being speculated that soon he will again make an appearance. He will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of his WWE Career on the August 18, 2023 episode of SmackDown and there are several rumors in the town about his retirement. Amid this buzz, his final ring opponent has been teased.

Chelsea Green proposes opponent for Edge’s final feud

WWE legend Edge disappeared from WWE altogether after making frequent appearances in the ring until WrestleMania 39. His last full-fledged rivalry was against Finn Balor of The Judgment Day. Finn Balor was pinned down by the legend at that match. Which resulted in the victory of Edge over the Irish Captor.


He competed in just two matches since WrestleMania 39, in the first one he was defeated by AJ Styles in a triple threat match and he defeated Grayson Waller in the second one by delivering a successful Spear on Waller. It was Waller’s debut match. After that, the legend has just vanished from the ring activities. Recently, several speculations surrounding the retirement of the Hall of Famer is surfacing on the internet.

Recently, Chelsea Green wife of Zack Ryder took the opportunity to let the wrestling world know through a tweet that her husband is the ideal final opponent for the Hall of Famer. Women’s Tag Team Champion wrote on her social media handle: “My husband.” It was a response to Tweet posted by Just Talk Wrestling which was captioned “Who should Edge’s final feud be against?”. This might be a major hint to the upcoming storyline of Edge.

Edge and Zack have a rich history, dating back to 2008 when “La Familia” ruled WWE SmackDown. However, according to wrestling fans, there are a few other superstars who rank higher for the Hall of Famer’s final feud.

Edge revealed retirement plan months earlier

Edge has discussed his retirement in many recent interviews and he gave a slight hint last year that he might retire the next time WWE comes to his hometown Toronto, Canada. According to the current tour schedule, WWE is heading back to Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena on Aug. 18 for an episode of Friday Night SmackDown and the venue confirmed on Wednesday that Edge will be there.

Edge said in a post-show promo after wrestling on an episode of Raw in Toronto last August against Damian Pirest.

“30 years ago, July 1st, 1992, I had my first wrestling match as Adam Copeland, And I knew one day I’d be standing right here in front of all of you. I just knew. What I didn’t dream of is that I’d have to retire for nine years and fight, fight with every fiber of my being to get this back. And all of you are the reason for that. This is a reciprocal relationship. I just stood toe-to-toe with one of the best talents and the future of this industry, Damian Priest. And I can’t wait to do it some more. And I can’t wait to hopefully come back one last time.”- said Edge. It might be possible that the R-rated Superstar might retire in the upcoming event of WWE in his hometown. But still, there are no solid reports from WWE regarding his retirement. So, there is still some chance for Edge to continue his wrestling in the ring.

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