Why was WWE WrestleMania 39 a masterpiece? Corey Graves Explained

The outcome of Wrestlemania 39, which saw Roman Reigns defeating Cody Rhodes in the unified WWE Universal title match, has left fans divided. Reigns’ win also extended his streak and is now expected to surpass one thousand days. While some people are upset with the result, Corey Graves expressed his full support and even went on to call this Wrestlemania a “masterpiece.”

There is hardly any superstar right now who would doubt Reigns. The Head of the Table displayed yet again why he is a force to reckon with. Fans banked on Rhodes to end this streak. A lot were opposed to this long run as the storyline was becoming stale. However, their wishes did not come true. Reigns reigned supreme. The win however came in a cheeky fashion, befitting to his stage persona. exactly that. He made fools out of all Rhodes’ supporters. Not to mention that it did come with a cheeky helping hand from Solo Sikoa. Despite the fashion of the win, it is undeniable that he has retained his titles. And now the streak is all but confirmed to cross the milestone of 1000 days.

Corey Graves liked what he saw in the Wrestlemania 39

Graves looked for the silver lining in the entire scenario. He felt that life is all but fair. Fans who were looking for a fair storyline. Although they did not get it, it does not go to show that this Wrestlemania was a failure. In fact this particular Wrestlemania had a “microcosm” of reality.

The former NXT tag team champion and WWE 24/7 champion deemed this Wrestlemania storyline as a perfect one. He even went on to justify his stand. He had sympathy for Rhodes. Then again, life knocks the hardest of fighters from time to time. Life throws the biggest of rocks to the ones who persist. Which is why Graves feels that Rhodes will come out of this loss as a stronger person.

Cody Rhodes succumbed to defeat against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 39

‘ The American Nightmare ‘ had to go through his own nightmare. However, he has the capacity to put that nightmare to bed. Graves feels that this loss will provide strength to Rhodes in the longer run.

In his analysis, Graves justified the Reigns win as well. For a monumental show like WWE it is quite hard to revoke a streak so stupendous. Reigns has a villainous arc that benefits the show. From their perspective, it would not be beneficial to the promotion to make Reigns relinquish his throne. The tribal chief therefore basked in his glory, in all his rights.

However, the strongest point for Graves was the loss of Rhodes as it provided allusions to the unfairness of life.

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