‘We’ll Need Cosmetic Surgery’ Chelsea HC Thomas Tuchel Jokes about Losing ‘Quality’ Players like Rudiger and Christensen

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel admits that the blues are likely to face a difficult transfer window at the end of the season.

Chelsea has been impacted significantly by sanctions imposed on their current owner Roman Abramovich. Despite there being rumors about the sale process that the club is currently undergoing, the amount of transfer activity the club will be involved in is expected to be very limited.

When asked what treatment Chelsea needs this summer, Tuchel laughed and said, “Plastic surgery. I would be less concerned if we still had the same ownership structure, as this is also an issue we are not concerned but we recognize the risk that the situation may be a little more complex.’

“You are never fully sure but we do have some targets in mind, we would have for sure contacted some players and found out about their situations.” the German manager told reporters on Wednesday.

“At the moment our hands are tied. But we can still have talks inside the building, but we are unable to act on them.”

The Champions League-winning manager further added, ” The situation is not ideal. This is the situation. it would be challenging enough with a stable condition. We do not have that, so everybody is doing it, at least, for the first time.”

There have been speculations about the manager’s future following the sanctions on the owner, but Tuchel said he is committed to the cause.

“We try to show our commitment, our passion for it, and this is maybe for me very important to give this message: I’m committed, I’m looking forward to it, and I’m passionate about it.”

“However, I do not have the solution right now, we will try to stay positive about it.”

The Blues are in the third position in the league, and also have an FA cup final against Liverpool.


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