What changes will TNF flex scheduling bring to NFL? Exploring the details

It seems the wind of change is blowing around NFL as the franchise is making new changes to several key rules in recent times. And among the developments, TNF flex has stirred up much hue and cry among both the players and the NFL fans.

So, it is time to dig out more information regarding what NFL’s TNF flex scheduling is and what changes it will bring to the American football sport.

What is NFL’s TNF flex scheduling?

In the flex scheduling, a listed game of Sunday and Thursday might be changed alternatively. For example, a game has been scheduled for Thursday night but it can be moved to Sunday if the authority considers placing another game on Thursday.

Moreover, this new rule will be applicable for weeks 13 to 17 as there is no Thursday Night Football game in week 18. And NFL will let the teams know of the flex with 28 days advance notice.

Before the new rule, only Sunday’s games faced flex scheduling but that was limited within the day. That means prior to the new changes, a 1 p.m. ET Sunday game could be rescheduled to 8.20 p.m. ET on the same day.

After a vote of 24-8, this decision was finally selected by the franchise owners. Some of the dominating NFL teams voted against the new rule including the Giants, Jets, Packers, Bears, Raiders, Lions, Bengals, and Steelers.

Thursday Night Football' flex rules, explained: How NFL's potential TNF  schedule changes will work in 2023 | Sporting News

What is fans’ reaction to the new rule and how will it affect their show-time?

Over the years, NFL’s fans have grown exponentially and their emotions are greatly attached to the sport. Especially for weekend play, many arrange their work accordingly so that they can enjoy games without any disturbance.

But after the introduction of the new rule, they will face difficulties in readjusting their work plan and this is what creates rage and anger among many.

Since the initiation of the new rule, judgments and speculations aren’t leaving NFL even for a second. However, the rule is still in the experimental stage and has been introduced for the 2023 season only. So, time will hopefully clear away the clouds of confusion in terms of the NFL TNF flex’s viability.

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