What is the new NFL kickoff rule? explaining newly implemented rule change

NFL authority brought some changes in their kickoff rule for the 2023 season mainly on an experimental basis. However, the new set of rules and regulations received huge opposition from both the coaches and players of the 32 NFL teams.

So, let’s explore more about the ins and outs of the NFL kickoff rule and the fans are reacting to the new changes.

What is the new NFL kickoff rule?

The new kickoff rule deals with placing the ball at the 25-yard line on both kickoff and kicks, keeping in mind the safety issues of the player during a fair catch behind the 25-yard line.

As per the authority, this change works in expanding touchbacks into fair catches within the ‘Behind 25-yard line’ dropping kicks return to 31%. Additionally, they are expecting a 15% cut in concussion rate as a result of the newly implemented rule.

However, the recent changes have been executed for the current year only as the authority is keeping it in its experimental stage for now. When asked about the underlying reasons behind such a decision, Rich McKay, an NFL official said, ‘At the end of the day health and safety drives this. … The concussion rate has trended up in a pretty dramatic fashion”.

What is the reaction of NFL fans over the new kickoff rule?

There are similarities between the NFL’s new kickoff rules with that of the NCAA. However, not only the coaches and players but also the NFL fans have shared their disagreement over the new change. Many claim this new rule is entirely incoherent when compared with previous touchback regulations.

Amid huge internal protests over the recent changes in kickoff, the NFL authority is holding their firm belief that it will bring good for the players. However, it remains to be seen if the new rules can stand up to expectations in the long run or not.

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