What companies does Bucs’ legend Tom Brady own? Exploring business ventures of NFL GOAT

Tom Brady, the former NFL football player always had a great interest in investments and business. And now that he has officially said goodbye to his on-field career, he should have plenty of time to focus on his projects that are already adding millions to his annual income.

So, let’s explore the business ventures of Tom Brady including the companies he owns.

What companies does Tom Brady own?

Tom Brady retired after spending 23 successful seasons in the NFL, most of his active career was spent with the New England Patriots and the final three were with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has a net worth of $512 million.

Some of his prominent investment projects include-

  • TB12

TB12 - BrandFire

This is a nutrition brand formed by the NFL star with the help of his fitness trainer Alex Guerrero in the year 2016. It offers various fitness-related food and accessories for the fitness freak. From dietary supplements to healthy snacks and fitness clothing, almost everything is available under one roof.

Currently, this company is under the supervision of CEO John Burns.

  • 199 Productions

After fitness, Brady set his eyes on the entertainment industry and founded his production company 199 in 2020. Does the name seem similar? Of course it does as the name of the company comes from the footballer’s NFL Draft position of the year 2000.

So far it has produced a sports documentary called “Unseen Football,” and a Super Bowl series called “Man In the Arena”.

  • Autograph

The seven-time Super Bowl winner’s love for the sports led him to establish an NFL platform called Autograph that offers various products with a football theme.

  • Brady Brand

Many of Tom’s fans would love to wear clothes that symbolize their favorite star’s passion and dedication. And with that notion, the former Buccaneers founded his apparel brand in 2022. This brand offers clothes suited to various occasions from fitness wear to casual.

Tom Brady is already a millionaire and it is not outside the realm of possibility that he will soon enter the billionaire club through his business projects as he has made a clever bargain in some profitable areas. Do you think Brady will eventually become a billionaire? When do you think that could happen? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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