KSI vs. Joe Fournier: Youtubers’ triumph in doubt after illegal elbow hit missed by referee to seal victory

Joe Fournier’s winning streak in professional boxing came to an end as KSI managed to knock him out. However, the elbow strike that made the YouTuber-turned-boxer triumph also stirred up some controversy in the boxing community.

Misfits Boxing 7 event in London’s OVO Arena included a much-anticipated boxing clash between KSI and Fournier. Considering the pre-existing hype and fanbase, KSI’s bout against the billionaire businessman was probably the main attraction for the boxing world tonight.

What controversy resulted after KSI’s victory over Joe Fournier?

Seemingly with great confidence, the former Youtuber entered the bout. The young boxer’s rhythm, pace, and passion looked a bit too fast for Fournier to match. In the first round, KSI was the clear winner.

In the second round, Logan Paul’s business partner maintained his command over his unbeaten record-holder ring opponent. Nevertheless, to everyone’s surprise, KSI knocked out Fournier with a deadly elbow strike that later generated controversy as referees overlooked the potentially illegal elbow strike.

This battle was crucial to the career of the British rapper and vocalist. If it had failed, his professional boxing ambitions of fighting the likes of Jake Paul and Tommy Fury could very well have come to an end. But now that he has triumphed, he can assert that he is no longer an amateur fighter rather he has a solid foundation to proceed even further. 

Joe Fournier’s future plans are currently unknown. The winning streak of Fournier was broken. The 40-year-old fighter failed to fulfill his pledge to defeat KSI in front of his home audience. Although Fournier claimed in the post-fight interview that his opponent had knocked him out illegally. 

Immediately following the battle, Tommy Fury approached The YouTube influencer, giving the impression that the two British boxers are setting up the hype for the next battle already. 

Do you also believe that KSI defeated Joe Fournier with an illegal elbow strike? Who would you like to see him fight next? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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