What did Jimmy Uso do to Roman Reigns at WWE Night Of Champions? exploring Bloodline’s epic betrayal

Bloodline is a prominent professional wrestling faction built by Roman Reigns. Upon the professional wrestler’s invitation, his cousins of the honorable Anoa’i family joined the team including The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) and Solo Sikoa.

Recently, the Uso brothers betrayed Roman during a match and the news of their betrayal is spreading on the internet like wildfire. So, let’s find out more about what really happened between Roman Reigns and the Usos.

What did Jimmy Uso do to Roman Reigns at WWE Night Of Champions?

Is the end of Bloodline looming large? This is a common question roaming around people’s minds now followed by what happened between Jimmy Usos and the Tribal Chief.

In Reigns-Sikoa and Owens-Zayn’s ongoing match, the Usos brothers rushed back to the ring when they felt their Bloodline partners need help. But instead of helping Roman, Jimmy attacked him by offering two heavy kicks. Fans probably held on to their breath for several seconds to grasp the reality of what just happened in front of their eyes.

The Saturday bout between Reigns-Sikoa and Owens-Zayn in WWE Night Of Champions ended with Owens-Zayn’s victory and Roman’s bewildered mind at the betrayal.

WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes for Wrestlemania 40

The feud between Rhodes and Reigns doesn’t seem to have ended yet as there are rumors that the pair might come back again to lock horns with each other in Wrestlemania 40 the next year. The duo had appeared in WrestleMania 39 where Roman snatch away victory.

So, this time the battle is hopefully going to be epic as Rhodes is getting a chance to claim his once-lost title and seek revenge while Roman looks to be at the cusp of losing the Bloodline support.

Well, WWE fans still can’t get over the shocking confrontation that happened between Jimmy and Roman during the match and it will likely occupy the place of one of the most iconic moments in WWE’s history. Why do you think Jimmy attack the Head of the table? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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