Why did Jake Paul get fired from Disney’s “Bizaardvark”? explaining his controversial past

Jake Paul started his career in the virtual world by creating content on Vine. He gathered a good following there and managed to expand his fanbase after moving to YouTube as well.

At that time Disney promoted many up-and-coming youngsters and Jake too got the call at one point for a show titled, ‘Bizaardvark’.

The younger Paul brother was expected to become a Disney star but instead he got fired from the show. So, let’s discover why he faced such a punishment.

Why did Jake Paul get fired from the Disney show?

Jake became part of Disney’s show Bizaardvark in 2015 when he was already a star on YouTube. And his stardom could have increased exponentially with his appearance in the show.

Still, the boxing pro kept focusing on his social media career where he used to upload videos of dangerous stunts from his house. Be it setting fire to the backyard or creating a massive water-slide pool or arranging dirt bike stunts; he did almost everything to get more subscribers on his channel.

The Problem Child’s activities seemingly crossed all limits and his neighbors were on the verge of filing a case against him. When the authority of Disney got information about such an issue, they carried out an investigation and found solid evidence.

Finally, they fired ‘The Problem Child’ in 2017 but Jake kept the news of him getting kicked out by Disney hidden from the media calling it a mutual separation. But the news eventually came out and many of his fans were shocked.

How much is Jake Paul’s current mansion worth in Puerto Rico?

With a staggering $60 million net worth, the fighter bought his Puerto Rico mansion along with his brother which costed $15.7 million.

Currently, Jake seems focused on becoming a professional boxer and he has acquired stake in and signed with ‘PFL. He also fought many UFC legends including Anderson Silva and Tyrone Woodley. Currently, he is scheduled to fight against nate Diaz on August.

While the disqualification from the Disney role may have come as a shock for the Young Paul at that time, he seems to be doing just fine in his career right now.

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